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The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on international higher education around the world. Emerging developments point to the beginning of a new era for international higher education, one that is challenging institutions to reexamine well-established practices, reframe priorities, and reorganize to pursue emerging opportunities. Experienced leadership is needed to transform immediate challenges into opportunities that broaden the scope and re-emphasize the value of international education. This will require significant expertise, extensive professional knowledge and innovative thinking. At Gateway Executive Search, we understand the changing nature of international higher education and can help you navigate the challenges and opportunities ahead in this new era.

Let Gateway Executive Search support you by identifying exceptional individuals exemplifying next generation leadership in international education.

Gateway Executive Search is the only executive search firm distinguished by its expertise in international higher education and its understanding of the broad issues facing the profession. Our search consultants have expertise in all aspects of international higher education, including, for example, education abroad programming and practice, international student and scholar services, enrollment management and recruitment, international partnerships and linkages, online and distance education, international risk management, English language programming, etc. Gateway search consultants understand what is needed, how to build, how to lead, how to collaborate and how to innovate and change. The international education space is complex, made only more challenging by the pandemic, by tight budgets, and by shifting institutional priorities and strategies. Let us be your partner as you look for the leadership you need.

Next Generation International Education Leadership

International education has emerged in the last three decades as a distinct profession with identifiable professional competencies, research, and recognized degrees in international higher education. At Gateway, we understand what is needed in our international education leaders.

Our Services​

Gateway Executive Search specializes in supporting colleges, universities, companies, and associations seeking highly professional and experienced leaders engaged at all levels of the international education profession. We further specialize in navigating the complexities of international hires and visa/immigration regulations.

We offer affordable and highly flexible services with both senior-level and mid-level executive searches and provide support to institutions seeking interim leadership. Gateway can also offer consultation on client-directed searches, wherein we provide guidance, advice and recommendations at key junctures common to most international higher education searches.

Filling senior leadership positions in international education can be challenging. Let Gateway Executive Search help you find leaders with the experience and vision needed to further shape the scope and direction of your comprehensive internationalization efforts. Whether your strengths lie in international research and engagement, international student and scholar mobility, or international partnerships and linkages, Gateway can present you with the talent needed to shape and manage the next stage of your international strategy.  Gateway will assign a senior search consultant to customize searches to your needs. We will source, screen, and shortlist potential candidates from a diverse pool of highly professional, knowledgeable, and skilled international education practitioners.  Our team will provide ongoing support to clients and candidates to ensure a successful hiring and transition process.

Mid-career professionals have a critical role to play in the day-to-day success of any international education operation, especially in periods of transition and change. Gateway has access to myriad professional organizations, associations, and a global pool of diverse mid-career professionals we leverage to identify and recruit talent in all areas of international education, including education abroad, international student and scholar services, international admissions and recruitment, international partnerships and linkages, and English language programming.

Gateway also offers consultation services on client-directed searches, providing guidance, advice and recommendations on your international education searches. Support can take the form of preparing robust and attractive position descriptions, search committee preparation, determining competitive salary scales and benefits packages, establishing search criteria, or assisting with credentials evaluation. We can also provide support and assistance with hiring employees from abroad or in-country.

If your institution is in transition and needing assistance to support operational continuity and excellence, an interim leadership placement may be the best solution. Gateway can assess your staffing needs and serve as your partner in identifying and placing experienced professionals as interim leaders to provide immediate expertise and staffing continuity. Interim leaders are hired directly by the client institution for short-term assignments.

Our Practice Areas

Executives directing international offices at institutions and organizations around the world are a diverse group of professionals with myriad backgrounds, academic specializations, and titles, who play a vital role in leading comprehensive internationalization efforts. At Gateway, we have the expertise to find experienced and knowledgeable leaders to support every aspect of your international strategy.  Our search focus includes positions such as the following:




The Gateway Difference

Gateway has developed a five-step search process to successfully identify international education leaders who thrive at the institutions and organizations they serve. Each step provides a framework for an intentional search that is attuned to the needs of the client and to the marketplace of candidates, beginning with the assignment of a senior search consultant who will serve as your contact throughout the search.

Gateway is committed to partnering with our clients throughout the entirety of the search process. For executive searches, we will spend time with our clients meeting with all key stakeholders to the extent possible. For all searches we conduct, our aim is to understand your international strategy and staffing needs to design a customized search in alignment with the search committee’s specific charge and timeline. The assessment will be the basis for the institutional profile that will become the policy document for the search.

Gateway will draw on our professional international education network around the world to identify and recruit highly professional, diverse and accomplished candidates, including those who are not currently looking for positions and candidates with strong ties to the client institution.

Critical to the process that leads to the identification and interviewing of semi-finalists, Gateway engages in careful review of résumés, degree verification, and extensive interviewing before presenting applicants to the search committee for consideration. Gateway will prepare search committees as needed. Gateway can provide recommendations for interview formats and will provide a slate of interview questions.

Gateway adheres to a “no surprise” rule in our approach to due diligence throughout the referencing process. With candidate permission, we personally contact listed and non-listed references. Gateway can also arrange for criminal background checks and professional screening.

Gateway’s support does not end when a final candidate is selected. Rather, we work closely throughout the hiring and appointment processes to provide ongoing support to our clients as needed. We want to ensure a successful hire and transition, all with an eye toward talent retention and success. Gateway pledges to stay in touch with both the client institution and the successful candidate for at least a year beyond appointment to ensure that concerns are being communicated and expectations met.

Our Diversity Promise

Gateway International, LLC is dedicated to the principles of diversity and inclusion and is committed to increase diversity, equity, access, and inclusion in the international higher education space. Gateway strongly supports all activities related to affirmative action and equal employment opportunity. Gateway’s International Regulatory Compliance Solution will include recommendations if warranted to assist an institution with reviewing their global operations through the principles of diversity, equity, access, and inclusion.

Our Affiliate Organization​

Gateway Executive Search is pleased to affiliate with Harris Search Associates, a leading global executive search and advisory firm and member of IIC Partners, one of the largest retained executive search organizations with 40 offices and 450 consultants in 34 countries worldwide.

Harris Search Associates is focused on higher education executive searches in the areas of research, science, engineering, technology, academic medicine, and healthcare administration. Clients include preeminent universities, medical schools, academic medical centers, research institutes, and healthcare organizations driving global innovation and discovery.


Harris Search Associates brings over 25 years of excellence in higher education executive search services that is complemented by Gateway’s expertise in international education.

Our Team

Gateway Executive Search brings depth and breadth of experience to executive search because of our people. Led by Drs. Anthony C. Ogden and Catherine H. Winnie, Gateway retains a team of executive search consultants, themselves professional international educators, with extensive networks through which to identify and recruit diverse talent.

Dr. Harvey Charles

Senior Search Consultant​
Dr. Harvey Charles is a well-known and highly-respected international education leader. He has held Senior International Officer positions at the University at Albany, Northern Arizona University, San Francisco State University, Wheaton College and Georgia Institute of Technology

Dr. Rajika Bhandari

Senior Search Consultant​

A scholar-practitioner in international higher education, Dr. Rajika Bhandari applies her expertise in educational research; monitoring and evaluation; and thought leadership strategy to help mission-driven organizations identify evidence-based solutions.

Dr. Catherine Winnie​

Senior Search Consultant​

Dr. Catherine Hutchison Winnie is a respected international educator with 30 years of experience creating successful international offices for U.S. universities. She has built or re-shaped international operations at Smith College, Yale University, the Rochester Institute of Technology, Harvard University and Southern Methodist University.

Dr. Tom Bogenschild

Advisory Consultant
Dr. Thomas Bogenschild is a senior leader in international education with broad expertise and experience. He has held senior leadership positions at Stanford University, the University of California Berkeley, Princeton University, Notre Dame University, and Vanderbilt University, among others.

Dr. Donna Anderson​

Advisory Consultant

Dr. Donna Anderson is a Senior International Officer with more than 20 years’ experience leading comprehensive internationalization in higher education. She has held senior leadership positions at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville and the University of Montana.

Mr. Martin Tillman​

Advisory Consultant
Mr. Martin Tillman is a senior international leader and scholar focused on global workforce trends and the impact of education abroad on student career development.

Dr. 'Dimeji Togunde​

Advisory Consultant

A respected leader with over twenty years of experience in international education, Dr. ‘Dimeji R. Togunde is currently Vice Provost for Global Education and Professor of International Studies at Spelman College, where he leads the campus internationalization and its assessment.

Jenny Samaan, PhD​

Advisory Consultant
A senior international educator with expertise developing university partnerships and collaborative place-based and virtual global health student mobility programs

Our Clients​

Gateway Executive Search is distinguished by its expertise in international higher education and its understanding of the broad issues facing the profession. Our clients include colleges and universities around the world, as well as education abroad provider organizations, professional associations and nonprofit organizations committed to international education. Let us support you by identifying exceptional individuals exemplifying next generation leadership in international education.

Our Costs

Gateway stands ready to work with you on providing affordable, cost-effective solutions to meet your international regulatory compliance needs. Contact us today to start the conversation.

The Gateway Pledge

Gateway International Group has made the commitment to allocate 5% of all revenue to support traditionally underrepresented student participation in international learning and engagement. We have designated the Fund for Education Abroad (FEA) as a recipient of funds gathered through Gateway Education Abroad. FEA is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that provides scholarships and ongoing support to students who are underrepresented in U.S. education abroad.

Prospective Candidates

Let us help you advance your career in international higher education. Gateway Executive Search invites job seekers to contact us.  Please add your CV or resume to our database of potential candidates.  We’ll contact you regarding relevant searches.

Please also see Gateway Resources for current searches, recent appointments, and job boards in international higher education.

Careers in International Higher Education

Whether you are just getting started or already a career international educator, the resources presented here offer insight to individuals at all stages of their careers.

Harvey Charles


Dr. Harvey Charles currently serves as Professor of International Education at the University at Albany, SUNY after having served the institution as Dean and Vice Provost for International Education. Prior to joining the University at Albany, Charles served as Senior International Officer at a number of institutions around the US, including Georgia Institute of Technology, Wheaton College, Northern Arizona University and San Francisco State University. Charles’ contribution to the field of international education includes serving as President of the Association of International Education Administrators, the leading association worldwide for university leaders of international higher education. He is also co-editor of Leading Internationalization and the 2 nd volume of the Stylus Handbook of International Higher Education. Apart from his deep administrative experience, Charles has published on issues including leadership in international higher education, global learning, internationalizing the curriculum and comprehensive internationalization. He serves on a number of boards in the US and abroad, frequently consults with colleges and universities seeking to advance the internationalization agenda, gives keynote addresses on international education issues, and mentors a number of young professionals in the field.

Search area expertise:

– Senior International Officer 
– International Student & Scholar Services 
– Education Abroad

Rajika Bhandari


Dr. Rajika Bhandari is President and CEO of the IC3 (International Career and College Counseling) Institute. A scholar-practitioner in international higher education, Rajika has over twenty years of executive and management experience in student mobility research and data-driven insights; monitoring, evaluation, and impact studies of international education programs; and shaping thought leadership strategy in the nonprofit, private and higher education sectors. Rajika previously held senior roles at the Institute of International Education (IIE) for over a decade, including leading the flagship Open Doors Report on International Educational Exchange. Her other roles include ones at MPR Associates/RTI; University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill; and at Teachers College, Columbia University.

Rajika’s areas of regional expertise include the U.S. and India, with a focus on Indo-U.S. educational exchanges and higher education internationalization in India. She is a widely published author, including of six books, and speaks frequently on issues such as global talent flows; access and equity in education; women and education; and educational and cultural diplomacy. A past international student herself, Rajika holds an undergraduate degree in Psychology (Honors) from the University of Delhi and graduate degrees in Psychology from North Carolina State University in the U.S.

Search area expertise:

– International Partnerships & Linkages
– International Operations and Provider/Company Positions
– International Enrollment Management

Catherine Winnie


Dr. Catherine Winnie is an international education leader with over 30 years of experience in higher education. She has built or re-shaped offices of international education at Smith, Yale, the Rochester Institute of Technology, Harvard, and Southern Methodist University. Dr. Winnie has expertise in a variety of areas, including Education Abroad, International Partnerships, Strategic Planning, Program Design and Management, Grants and Fellowships, and Recruitment, Hiring, Team-Building, and Career Development.

She has worked with administrators, faculty, and staff to create and expand education abroad opportunities and establish sustainable international partnerships. Dr. Winnie is an active member of NAFSA: Association of International Educators, The Forum on Education Abroad, and Diversity Abroad and has served on boards of many study abroad organizations.

Dr. Winnie holds the B.A. in Comparative Literature from Swarthmore College, and the Ph.D. in Comparative Literature from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.  She received the DAAD grant for research in Berlin, lived in France, Germany and Colombia, and speaks French, German and Spanish.  She and her partner are parents to two adopted Ethiopian daughters and a son. Her commitment to racial justice is deeply personal and informed by years of experience recruiting and mentoring staff and students of diverse backgrounds.

Search area expertise:

– Education Abroad
– International Partnerships & Linkages
– International Operations and Provider/Company Positions

Thomas Bogenschild


Dr. Thomas Bogenschild has worked as an international educator for more than three decades. He was trained as a cultural anthropologist at Occidental College and the University of Chicago, with additional postgraduate training in social and intellectual history, and political science at the University of California at Berkeley. He holds an A.B. and an A.M. in cultural anthropology, and a Ph.D. in Latin American Studies. He is an experienced teacher and administrator, holding senior positions in international education at a variety of institutions including Stanford, Berkeley, Princeton, Notre Dame, New Mexico, Vanderbilt, and the Naval Postgraduate School, among others. 

He is an experienced consultant and reviewer, serving public and private institutions and government agencies including the U.S. Departments of Education and State. He has worked professionally on 5 continents, and sustains research interests in Latin America, Eastern and Western Europe, Central Asia, and Africa, and Australia. He is active in various professional organizations, and has served as Chair of the Public Policy Advocacy Committee for the Association of International Education Administrators (AIEA) for the past 6 years. Special interests include public policy in international education, ethical management, cultural and intercultural theory, globalization, and experiential pedagogies.

Search area expertise:

– Education Abroad
– International Partnerships & Linkages
– International Operations and Provider/Company Positions

Donna Anderson


Dr. Donna Anderson is an international education administrator with over 20 years of experience in international higher education. She has held senior leadership positions at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville and the University of Montana. Dr. Anderson has provided leadership in the areas of Education Abroad, International Partnerships and Agreements, International Student and Scholar Services, Intensive English Language Programs, and International Student Recruitment.

She has worked with administrators, faculty, and staff to create global opportunities; expand international components of teaching, research, and engagement activities; recruit and support international students and scholars; provide education abroad opportunities; and facilitate development of international partnerships. Dr. Anderson’s major research interests include the areas of international student identity development, and diversity, equity and inclusion in international education. Her most recent publication appears in the Journal of International Students. Dr. Anderson is an active member of NAFSA: Association of International Educators and the Association of International Education Administrators (AIEA). She has been a frequent presenter at NAFSA state and regional conferences. 

Dr. Anderson holds a bachelor’s degree in German and Sociology from Luther College, a master’s degree in Education from Loras College, and a doctorate in Higher Education Leadership from Colorado State University-Fort Collins.

Search area expertise: 

– Senior International Officer
– Education Abroad
– International Student & Scholar Services

Martin Tillman


Martin Tillman is a nationally recognized expert, author and thought leader. As President of Global Career Compass, an international consulting practice, his work focuses on the impact of education abroad on student career development and employability. Formerly, he was Associate Director of Career Services (ret.) at the Johns Hopkins University Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies in Washington, D.C. In his distinguished career, he has held senior leadership positions with pioneering international education programs.

Among his many publications, in 2020, he co-authored , “Employability: How education abroad impacts the transition to graduate employment,” in the Routledge book, Education Abroad: Bridging Scholarship and Practice. Marty’s blog, Global Career Compass,, is widely read.

Martin has consulted widely for leading international education organizations and colleges and universities in the U.S. and abroad. In Tbilisi, Georgia and Harare, Zimbabwe, Marty served as a speaker specialist for the U.S. State Department Bureau of International Information Programs. He received a Fulbright award to Japan. The International Partnership for Service-Learning and Leadership named him a Distinguished Fellow, and he was cited as a pedagogical pioneer in the field of cross-cultural education and service-learning in Service-Learning: A Movement’s Pioneers Reflect on Its Origins, Practice and Future.

He holds a B.A. in Political Science from the State University of New York at Stony Brook; M.A. from Colgate University in Student Personnel Administration in Higher Education and an M.A. in Intercultural Management from the World Learning SIT Graduate Institute.

Specialization Areas:

– Student career develop. & employability
– Research on employability
– Global workforce trends
– International experiential learning

’Dimeji R. Togunde


‘Dimeji R. Togunde, PhD, is vice provost for global education & professor of international studies at Spelman College in Atlanta, Georgia, where he leads the campus internationalization and its assessment. He has over 20 years of strategic leadership experience in developing global studies curriculum, expanding access to international education, student learning outcomes, faculty development, accreditation and strategic initiatives for diversity and inclusion in global education. He directed the recently concluded and successful Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) at Spelman College, known as Spelman Going Global! which was the centerpiece of the College’s reaccreditation by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC). His leadership has produced reputational gains for Spelman College as a hub for global learning through several awards and recognitions that include the 2017 Senator Paul Simon award for campus internationalization; Excellence in Diversity & Inclusion in international education from Diversity Abroad in 2018; and the IIE’s Generation Study Abroad Seal of Excellence in 2019. He received his PhD in development sociology from Cornell University.

Specialization Areas:

– Internationalization strategies
– Strategic planning
– Diversity & Inclusion
– Global studies curriculum

Jenny Samaan


Jenny Samaan, PhD is a strategic and innovative international educator with extensive wide-ranging leadership and management experience in higher education institutions, non-profit organizations, and member associations.

As a leader-strategist her expertise includes developing international partnerships for faculty and student exchanges and global health student mobility as a component of medical/public health education. Ensuring mutually-beneficial collaborations and effective intercultural communication are hallmarks of her leadership values.

A purposeful, energetic, and compassionate leader, Dr. Samaan possesses the creative ability to mobilize resources to meet environmental challenges and organizational needs. Her authenticity, passion and skills as an intercultural communicator have driven her success in developing international relationships and sustaining fruitful collaborations.

Thirty plus years working in international higher education, coupled with a PhD in Higher Education Administration equip Dr. Samaan to be an effective strategist who engages respectfully and collaboratively with institutional leaders to thoroughly assess institutional needs and creatively offer paths for meeting institutional goals.

Specialization Areas:

– International partnerships and networks
– Medical education and global health
– Intercultural communication
– Assessment

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Mark Beirn


An experienced global researcher and administrator, Mark Beirn brings a critical approach to risk management, factoring structural racism and identity-based violence into his rubric for supporting equitable global mobility.

Specialization Areas:

– Global Risk Management
– Education Abroad
– Diversity, Equity, Inclusion in International Education
– Health and Safety
– Curriculum Development


Stephen Appiah-Padi​


Stephen Appiah-Padi is an international educator with several years of teaching and administrative experience in both 4 and 2-year HEIs. An experienced global education practitioner-scholar, with a demonstrated history of success in the field.

Dr. Appiah-Padi has a Ph.D. from the University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada in Educational Policy & Administration with a specialization in International/Intercultural Education.

At Northwestern College, he provided oversight in the administration of education abroad and international student services. In Lansing, Michigan, he first oversaw diversity and intercultural education at Lansing Community College, and later created the Center for International and Intercultural Education (CIIE) which merged intercultural engagement and international education programs of the institution, and he became its first director. Additionally, Dr. Appiah-Padi taught a course, “Diversity in the American Workplace”, to undergraduate management students of the College. In his current position, he provides leadership and vision in advancing strategic internationalization initiatives, including international partnerships and study abroad programs at Bucknell University.

Dr Appiah-Padi has created and facilitated several workshops for faculty and staff development in higher education and in business organizations. He has presented at several national and international conferences. In NAFSA, among several volunteer leadership positions, he has served as Dean of the Fundamentals of Intercultural Communication Workshop, the Leadership Development Committee member, Chair of the Africa Special Interest Group, and a Fellow of the Global Fellowship Program for mentoring emerging leaders of internationalization in African HEIs. He currently serves as a member of the NAFSA Board of Directors.

Specialization Areas:

– Education Abroad
– International education leadership development
– Intercultural education and engagement
– International partnerships and linkages

Rosa Almoguera


Dr. Rosa Almoguera has worked as an international educator for over twenty years. She was trained as a Hispanic Philologist at the Universidad Complutense, in Madrid, and did her M.A. at the University of Pennsylvania. Her Ph.D., from Universidad Complutense included a field study and edition of written balladry “Romancero”. During many years Rosa combined teaching and her role as a senior administrator at the Fundación Ortega-Marañón in Toledo, Spain. At the Foundation, Rosa directed and, in many cases created, programs for the University of Minnesota, Notre Dame, Princeton, Ohio State, Arcadia, and the University of Chicago. She has also been a visiting professor at the University of Minnesota, University of Portland, and Interamericana de Puerto Rico.

Beginning in 2016, Rosa works as an international education consultant for both public and private European and US higher education institutions. Rosa has been successful in developing new partnerships and programs, as well as helping improve already existing ones.

Rosa is a member of Forum and NAFSA and has presented with higher education professionals on innovative academic and research programming, STEM in study abroad and Nationalism in Europe. Rosa is currently completing the final Professional Certification from the Forum on Education Abroad.

Specialization Areas:

– Student services
– Education abroad programming
– Institutional partnerships
– Education and training