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Let Gateway be your partner in navigating international regulatory compliance and reporting.

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Most colleges and universities around the world are increasingly engaged internationally, often focused on activities related to international research collaboration, student and scholar programming, and institutional partnerships and linkages. Other areas may include, for example, technology transfer, international fundraising, and stewarding federally funded grants. Offices that are generally tasked with ensuring compliance, such as Sponsored Programs, Legal Counsel, Risk Management, Human Resources, and Institutional Research require niche understanding on the specifics of international compliance and regulation. And yet, international units rely on these very offices to provide internal guidance and direction in areas such as immigration policy, Clery Act reporting, foreign gift reporting and GDPR compliance–to name a few examples where failure to adequately comply can put an institution in considerable jeopardy.

Gateway International Group is distinguished by its expertise in international higher education and its understanding of the broad compliance and regulatory issues shaping international engagement. Our team of experienced professionals can bring to your institution expertise in all aspects of international compliance, monitoring, and reporting. The international education space is complex, made only more challenging by the pandemic and by a shifting and ambiguous regulatory environment. Let Gateway be your partner in successfully navigating regulatory compliance in your international engagement.

Our Focus Areas

Gateway focus areas span the full spectrum of international compliance and regulation. Our team of experienced and knowledgeable international professionals can support your institution’s compliance needs by auditing present practices, reviewing compliance, identifying potential liabilities, and making recommendations based upon leading compliance practices in international higher education.
1. Data Protection & Regulation

Data protection has long been an issue and largely addressed in the U.S. under FERPA regulations, but data protection took on new international regulatory compliance in 2018. The European Union (EU) law on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is applicable to data protection and privacy not only in the EU and the European Economic Area (EEA) but also applies to the transfer of personal data outside the EU and EEA area. GDPR compliance addresses lawful basis and transparency; Data security; Accountability and governance; and Privacy rights. The EU has started to issue large fines for entities not in compliance with GDPR. Is your institution compliant?

2. Export Control & Reporting

An export control license is the U.S. government mechanism to allow and trace transfers of export-controlled technologies. License requests must be submitted to the specific federal agency responsible. If a faculty member or researcher has a project/technology that is export controlled, they require an export license to proceed. The U.S. government periodically shifts country designation prohibiting exports to designated countries. Is your institution in compliance with review and licensing required under export control regulations and laws?

3. Institutional Research & Assessment

International intellectual property (IP) law is a patchwork area of intersecting multilateral and bilateral agreements that are regulated through national laws. It has become an increasingly important and frequently litigated area, particularly in the patent, copyright, and trademark arenas. Let Gateway review, audit and make recommendations on how international IP law impacts your institution.

4. International Health, Safety and Risk Management

Perhaps more than any other event, the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the crucial need for well-developed institutional plans to mitigate risk, manage crises abroad and support travelers’ health, safety, and security. In addition to having real implications for the travelers themselves, gaps in planning and preparation in this area can expose institutions to legal liability, financial losses, and significant reputational risk. [Also see Gateway Duty of Care Solutions.]

5. International Finance & Operations

Compliance issues in international finance vary and include foreign country taxation, currency transfer, currency management as well as foreign country banking regulations. Laws and regulations vary based upon country of operation as well as interface with U.S. Finance regulations and laws. The Trump administration, for example, cracked down on reporting of foreign gifts and revenue as part of continuance in receiving Federal Financial Aid. A review and audit of your institution’s international finance operations and financial aid reporting will mitigate the risk and liability in this area of international finance.

6. Human Resources

Many universities hire international faculty and staff sponsoring them for H-1B visas. In addition, universities hire internationally based staff and faculty for various purposes, such as research and education abroad program delivery. Institutional sponsorship of H-1B visas is a complicated process and requires compliance with Federal laws. Human Resource regulations and laws vary in every country where an institution may have hired employees or independent contractors. Let Gateway unravel human resource compliance with a review, audit and recommendations to align your institution’s practices with the best practices in the field.

7. Immigration Services

Many International Student and Scholar offices are staffed by one person. A thorough review of your immigration practices including F-1, J-1, and SEVIS compliance affords the institution assurances of compliance with immigration law. Monitor ongoing compliance with federal regulations governing the enrollment and/or employment of international students and scholars at the university is a core function of every international education office and requires periodic review and audit to guarantee compliance.

8. Sponsored Program Grant & Contract Management

In this time of fiscal contraction international offices are pursuing new overseas grant opportunities. Do you have a great idea for an international grant but have questions regarding international logistics and management? Do you have questions regarding grant supported overseas employees or financial operations to support grants? Gateway will provide you with the required expertise so your internal and external stakeholders can be assured of the right answers for your institution to manage a successful grant funded program in an overseas setting.

How it works

We understand that each institution is unique and has its own needs, and that’s why Gateway’s services are customized for each of our partner institutions to accommodate differences in institutional culture, size, and scope. The process is straightforward-Gateway can conduct an external audit of your current systems and protocols, assist with developing new protocols and policies based on international best practice, and/or assist with monitoring and reporting on selected areas of engagement. Simply select among Gateway’s three service options the one that best meets the needs for your institution, and we will propose a tailored packaged. Regardless of the size or scope of your international engagement profile, we will become experts on your policies, procedures, and systems to offer you peace of mind vis-à-vis your international compliance.
Consultation and Support Services
As needed, Gateway can provide a confidential discussion of your international regulatory compliance issues and offer advice and recommendations as appropriate based on current trends and industry best practices.
Training and Professional Development
If internal stakeholders like General Counsel, Human Resources, Finance or Risk Management do not have the required niche international expertise in a program or geographic area of the world let Gateway provide custom training on international regulatory compliance to give them the answers they require enabling your global operations to flourish.
International Regulatory Compliance Audit
Gateway can conduct a comprehensive audit of your international regulatory compliance and provide recommendations tailored specifically to the international engagement profile of your institution.
Policy Development

As needed, Gateway can assist with drafting tailored, institution-specific policies and/or protocols for ensuring international regulatory compliance to be implemented within an institutions existing systems and structures.

Our Expertise

Gateway International Group offers experienced international professionals who bring extensive knowledge of international health, safety and security matters within the higher education context. Gateway will assign a team of specialists as needed to meet the goals of your institution. Gateway operates in accordance with established best practices in international health, safety, security and risk management in higher education.

Mr. Terence Miller

Senior Consultant
Terence Miller, JD is an experienced senior international education leader bringing a legal expertise to strategic partnerships, safety, health and risk management, regulatory compliance, and comprehensive internationalization.

Dr. Thomas Bogenschild

Senior Consultant

Dr. Thomas Bogenschild is a senior leader in international education with broad expertise in international regulatory compliance. He has served as Chair of the Public Policy Advocacy Committee for the Association of International Education Administrators (AIEA) for the past 6 years.

Stephen Hesse

Advisory Consultant
Based in Japan, Stephen Hesse is a lawyer, professor and international administrator with over 3 decades of experience in teaching, institutional partnership development, education abroad programs, and campus internationalization.

Mr. Mark S. Lazar

Advisory Consultant

Mr. Mark Lazar is a senior international educator with experience in strategic planning, regulatory compliance, and global operations. He is experienced at leading large international teams and managing complex operations in locations across the globe.

Dr. Carlise Wynne

Advisory Consultant
Dr. Carlise Womack Wynne has spent the past two decades working in international higher education. She works extensively with ministries of education around the world on issues related to quality assurance, regulatory compliance, and operational protocols.

Meredith McQuaid

Advisory Consultant

Meredith M. McQuaid, J.D. is a proven leader in international education, known for her experience, creativity, and collaborative spirit. With more than 30 years of experience at a public university, McQuaid understands all dimensions of international education and the collaboration needed to succeed. She has extensive leadership experience at the national level and has engaged with partners all over the world.

Our Partner Institutions

Gateway works with a diverse array of public and private high schools, colleges, and universities around the U.S., including academic units within institutions. Gateway supports institutions who are just getting started and those that need reassurance regarding existing practices. Our services are customized to our partner institutions’ needs. Although Gateway’s international regulatory compliances service are designed for institutions located in the U.S., we may be able support institutions and organizations abroad with developing systems and structures that align with U.S. regulatory expectations. We are here to help.

Gateway’s services should not be perceived as legal counsel or advice, but rather as a tool to help your institution align with best practices in the international student and scholar services. Gateway is well-equipped to provide trusted guidance, but ultimately our client institution must determine whether to implement any recommendations provided by Gateway.

Getting Started

We understand that effective partnerships require close collaboration and mutual respect. We take the time to understand your institution’s culture, concerns, and priorities so that we can provide appropriate support that aligns with your international engagement practices. Our process generally includes these steps:
We will conduct an initial intake and needs assessment to discuss how best Gateway can support the partner institution’s needs.
Gateway and the partner institution will identify and assign primary liaisons to ensure effective and streamlined communication.
Gateway and the partner institution will negotiate a detailed services agreement in accordance with an agreed upon scope of services.
Gateway will seek an introduction and orientation to your institution’s current institutional systems, structures, and protocols vis-à-vis the scope of requested services.
For all contracted services, Gateway will prepare final written reports on services rendered and recommendations proposed.
Depending on the ongoing nature of the assignment, Gateway will conduct periodic review and assessment meetings to discuss provided services and make modifications as needed.

Our Diversity Promise

Gateway International, LLC is dedicated to the principles of diversity and inclusion and is committed to increase diversity, equity, access, and inclusion in the international higher education space. Gateway strongly supports all activities related to affirmative action and equal employment opportunity. Gateway’s International Regulatory Compliance Solution will include recommendations if warranted to assist an institution with reviewing their global operations through the principles of diversity, equity, access, and inclusion.

Our Costs

Gateway understands the financial impact the COVID-19 pandemic is having on institutions and organizations around the world and as such, prioritizes efficiency and affordability in our pricing. Our prices are flexible and tailored, generally determined on project scope and expectations. Gateway is prepared to navigate future uncertainties in higher education and be as flexible as possible in the best interests of our client partnerships.

Let's get started

Gateway stands ready to work with you on providing affordable, cost-effective solutions to meet your international regulatory compliance needs. So that we can connect you with the appropriate Gateway professional, please complete this brief intake form.

Gateway International Group has made the commitment to allocate 3% of revenue to support traditionally underrepresented student participation in international learning and engagement. We have designated the Fund for Education Abroad (FEA) as a recipient of funds gathered through Gateway’s Virtual Education Abroad Office. FEA is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that provides scholarships and ongoing support to students who are underrepresented in U.S. education abroad.

Terence Miller


Terence W. Miller has worked in senior international education positions for 24 years at Marquette University, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and Ramapo College of New Jersey. In those positions he oversaw recruitment, admission and immigration advising for undergraduate and graduate students; English as a Second Language Program; Education Abroad; Curricular and co-curricular programming; as well as strategic international partnerships. He received his Bachelor of Arts from Manhattan College, Bronx, New York and received his Juris Doctorate from St. John’s University, Queens, New York.

He was a criminal defense attorney in Brooklyn, N.Y.; a human rights attorney in Chile during the dictatorship; and director of an international public policy office in Washington, D.C. He was the Legal Advisor and ex officio Board of Director member for the Association of International Education Administrators (AIEA) for eight (8) years. He is the recipient of the Timothy J. Rutenber Award from AIEA in 2017 and the Dorothy von Briesen World Citizen Award from International Institute of Wisconsin (IIW), Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 2013. He co-authored with Rajika Bhandari “Harnessing Data to Lead Internationalization” a chapter in Leading Internationalization: A Handbook for International Education Leaders (Stylus Publications, 2018). He has presented at AIEA, Nafsa, FORUM, APAIE and EAIE conferences on an array of issues impacting the field of international education including strategic partnerships, risk management, international regulatory compliance in global operations, intercultural competence, and comprehensive internationalization.

Thomas Bogenschild


Dr. Thomas Bogenschild has worked as an international educator for more than three decades. He was trained as a cultural anthropologist at Occidental College and the University of Chicago, with additional postgraduate training in social and intellectual history, and political science at the University of California at Berkeley. He holds an A.B. and an A.M. in cultural anthropology, and a Ph.D. in Latin American Studies. He is an experienced teacher and administrator, holding senior positions in international education at a variety of institutions including Stanford, Berkeley, Princeton, Notre Dame, New Mexico, Vanderbilt, and the Naval Postgraduate School, among others. 

He is an experienced consultant and reviewer, serving public and private institutions and government agencies including the U.S. Departments of Education and State. He has worked professionally on 5 continents, and sustains research interests in Latin America, Eastern and Western Europe, Central Asia, and Africa, and Australia. He is active in various professional organizations, and has served as Chair of the Public Policy Advocacy Committee for the Association of International Education Administrators (AIEA) for the past 6 years. Special interests include public policy in international education, ethical management, cultural and intercultural theory, globalization, and experiential pedagogies.

Search area expertise:

– Education Abroad
– International Partnerships & Linkages
– International Operations and Provider/Company Positions

Stephen Hesse


Stephen Hesse is a lawyer, professor, journalist, and international administrator with 3 decades of experience in Japan. He is passionate about campus and curriculum internationalization and is an enthusiastic promoter of programs that develop student and staff cultural awareness, exchange student wellness, and campus infrastructure to enhance academic and social engagement among foreign and domestic students. Stephen has over 10 years of administrative experience helping to guide his university’s successful internationalization efforts, including as Special Advisor to the President on Internationalization and as Associate Director and Director of his university’s International Center. Before becoming a lawyer and educator, Stephen spent several years backpacking, immersing himself in the cultures of dozens of countries and gaining a deep respect for and interest in cultural diversity and international experiential learning. Based his own experiences, Stephen has led numerous student groups on fieldwork and study tours to Africa, India, Southeast Asia, North America, and Europe. Most recently, during the COVID-19 pandemic, he has been developing and implementing COIL programs that bring together undergraduate law students in Vietnam and Japan.

Mark Lazar


Mark S. Lazar is a senior international education expert and non-profit leader, with experience in new business development, strategic planning, program design and management, relationship management and global operations, As President and Co-Founder of Open World Solutions (OWS), Mark assists higher education institutions and global organizations to develop impactful international education initiatives.

Prior to OWS, he worked at the Institute of International Education (IIE) for 25 years, rising to the level of Vice President and serving as a key member of the organization’s leadership team. During his time at IIE, he implemented successful new education and scholarship programs with the U.S. State Department, NYU, GE, Alcoa, Rockefeller Foundation, Schwarzman Scholars Program and many others. Mark is also experienced at leading large international teams and managing operations in locations across the globe.

Julia Pollard


Currently based in Turkey since 2012, Ms. Pollard has developed and managed education abroad program operations across more than 35 countries through Western Europe, Asia, East Africa, Australia, and the Middle East. Prior to Turkey, her long time posts included Pune, India and London, England. She has also consulted on private sector international risk assessment projects in the aviation and pharmaceutical sectors in Turkey, Iran, and Iraq. Her numerous public-private partnerships between US-based institutions and overseas organizations have resulted in successful, sustainable outcomes in areas of student exchange, student professional development, and curriculum integration. Prior to entering the international education field in 2005, Ms. Pollard completed undergraduate work at the University of Pittsburgh and graduate work in International Affairs at Bahçeşehir Üniversitesi in Istanbul. She is also a CQ (Cultural Intelligence) trained facilitator through the Cultural Intelligence Center. She has conducted assessment research on cultural learning outcomes in US undergraduate study abroad programs, developed intervention strategies, and taught courses on Intercultural Communication and Global Leadership.

Specialization Areas:

– International operations management
– International risk assessment
– Cultural intelligence programming & assessment
– Program development

Meredith McQuaid


Meredith M. McQuaid, J.D. is a proven leader in international education, known for her experience, creativity, and collaborative spirit. With more than 30 years experience at a public university, McQuaid understands all dimensions of international education and the collaboration needed to succeed. She has extensive leadership experience at the national level and has engaged with partners all over the world. Her experience as an immigration attorney has given her a deep understanding of the challenges of mobility, and a unique appreciation for the importance of intercultural communication.

Episode 29: Cultural Lens on U.S. Higher Education: Analyzing International Perceptions of 'Anti-Woke’ Discourse

Dive into a nuanced exploration of the global discourse surrounding higher education in the United States. Join us for a panel discussion with esteemed international educators as we embark on a journey through the lenses of culture and international perspective, examining how global audiences interpret and engage with the ‘anti-woke’ discourse within the context of U.S. higher education. This engaging panel discussion will delve into the intersections of culture, ideology, and education, and the complex landscape of how international audiences perceive the ‘anti-woke’ narrative that has emerged within U.S. academia.

Whether you’re a senior international officer, or simply curious about the diverse viewpoints shaping U.S. higher education, this podcast episode will provide an invaluable space for critical analysis and insightful conversations.

Speaker Biography:

Fanta Aw is a distinguished leader in international education, renowned for her extensive contributions to global learning, cross-cultural understanding, and educational equity. With a deep commitment to fostering connections between diverse cultures and promoting educational excellence, she has significantly impacted the international education community.

Fanta Aw’s career has been characterized by her dedication to advancing global education initiatives, promoting diversity and inclusion, and nurturing partnerships that transcend borders. She has held influential roles in various organizations, advocating for the importance of international collaboration and learning experiences that empower individuals to navigate an increasingly interconnected world.

As a thought leader and visionary, Fanta Aw’s insights and expertise have shaped discussions on the future of international education, emphasizing the significance of equitable access, cultural exchange, and lifelong learning. Her work has not only elevated institutions but has also inspired countless individuals to embrace the transformative power of global education.

Date: September 14th, 2023
Time: 12 noon ET

Sponsored by:

Mark Beirn


An experienced global researcher and administrator, Mark Beirn brings a critical approach to risk management, factoring structural racism and identity-based violence into his rubric for supporting equitable global mobility.

Specialization Areas:

– Global Risk Management
– Education Abroad
– Diversity, Equity, Inclusion in International Education
– Health and Safety
– Curriculum Development


Stephen Appiah-Padi​


Stephen Appiah-Padi is an international educator with several years of teaching and administrative experience in both 4 and 2-year HEIs. An experienced global education practitioner-scholar, with a demonstrated history of success in the field.

Dr. Appiah-Padi has a Ph.D. from the University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada in Educational Policy & Administration with a specialization in International/Intercultural Education.

At Northwestern College, he provided oversight in the administration of education abroad and international student services. In Lansing, Michigan, he first oversaw diversity and intercultural education at Lansing Community College, and later created the Center for International and Intercultural Education (CIIE) which merged intercultural engagement and international education programs of the institution, and he became its first director. Additionally, Dr. Appiah-Padi taught a course, “Diversity in the American Workplace”, to undergraduate management students of the College. In his current position, he provides leadership and vision in advancing strategic internationalization initiatives, including international partnerships and study abroad programs at Bucknell University.

Dr Appiah-Padi has created and facilitated several workshops for faculty and staff development in higher education and in business organizations. He has presented at several national and international conferences. In NAFSA, among several volunteer leadership positions, he has served as Dean of the Fundamentals of Intercultural Communication Workshop, the Leadership Development Committee member, Chair of the Africa Special Interest Group, and a Fellow of the Global Fellowship Program for mentoring emerging leaders of internationalization in African HEIs. He currently serves as a member of the NAFSA Board of Directors.

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Rosa Almoguera


Dr. Rosa Almoguera has worked as an international educator for over twenty years. She was trained as a Hispanic Philologist at the Universidad Complutense, in Madrid, and did her M.A. at the University of Pennsylvania. Her Ph.D., from Universidad Complutense included a field study and edition of written balladry “Romancero”. During many years Rosa combined teaching and her role as a senior administrator at the Fundación Ortega-Marañón in Toledo, Spain. At the Foundation, Rosa directed and, in many cases created, programs for the University of Minnesota, Notre Dame, Princeton, Ohio State, Arcadia, and the University of Chicago. She has also been a visiting professor at the University of Minnesota, University of Portland, and Interamericana de Puerto Rico.

Beginning in 2016, Rosa works as an international education consultant for both public and private European and US higher education institutions. Rosa has been successful in developing new partnerships and programs, as well as helping improve already existing ones.

Rosa is a member of Forum and NAFSA and has presented with higher education professionals on innovative academic and research programming, STEM in study abroad and Nationalism in Europe. Rosa is currently completing the final Professional Certification from the Forum on Education Abroad.