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In a time of increased accountability, reduced resources, and emphasis on student success, it has become essential to leverage data and analysis for informed, strategic decision-making. This is particularly true as it relates to the internationalization of colleges and universities via education abroad programs, virtual exchanges, foreign language curriculum development, and recruitment of international scholars and faculty. Analyses of data in these and related areas can highlight global and local trends affecting your organization, situate you amongst your current or aspirational peers, measure the effectiveness of new or existing strategies, and serve as an advocacy tool.

Many higher education institutions and organizations (i.e., consortiums of colleges and universities, private, and non-profit businesses, etc.) may not always have the capacity to conduct analyses or produce such reports themselves, which can lead to the development of unsustainable practices and policies, incohesive student success strategies, and inefficient allocation of resources. Gateway can assist institutions and organizations around the world with leveraging data from local, national and international sources, collect new data via surveys, conduct qualitative and quantitative analyses, and distill this information into a format that is easily understood by all stakeholders.

Our Services Areas

Gateway services include, but are not limited to, the development of benchmarking reports, market share and intelligence research, survey and data collection support, and customized policy briefs. Our team of experienced and knowledgeable higher education and international education professionals can assist you in your data, research, and analytic needs.
1. benchmarking

Utilizing customized groupings of the user’s choice, Gateway can contextualize your institution or organization’s data and current standing within state, regional, national and/or international trends. Gateway will work to create benchmark groups using classifications based on Carnegie, IPEDS, geographic, and/or consortiums that group similarly focused institutions with similar missions. Benchmarking will combine institution-level data with publicly accessible national data. Gateway will utilize statistical analysis and modeling to provide your organization with visual and graphic representations of your data that are accessible, meaningful, and useful.

2. market intelligence

Utilizing institutional and publicly available data on flows of international and domestic students, Gateway will identify and visualize trends in recruitment, enrollment, and market share. Focus areas may include, for example, growing international student enrollment from regions, expanding and enhancing education abroad programming, and the development of new degrees and majors that have an international education component. Our market intelligence efforts will highlight areas and opportunities for potential growth

3. surveys & analysis

Utilizing customizable surveys measuring student/faculty experience, satisfaction, competency, and training, for example, Gateway can develop survey instruments, conduct data collection and analysis, and package the results in an informative way that serves your goals – in either presentation and/or report format. Surveys can provide valuable contextual information which can be used to drive decision-making and improvements. Interested in conducting some parts of the data collection and analysis yourself? Gateway also offers ad-hoc assistance on all parts of the process, including how to organize and collect data, apply calculations, and develop long-term data collection protocols.

4. policy brief

Utilizing institutional and publicly available data, Gateway offers customizable policy briefs on requested topics. Our policy briefs can provide you with data storytelling capabilities – translating your data into digestible narratives, descriptive statistics, and visuals to contextualize and advocate for resources. Gateway can provide support to you with framing existing data strategies as they relate to a multitude of topics, including international student recruitment strategies; effectiveness of existing international partnerships and agreements; education abroad best practices and policies; virtual opportunities including education abroad and exchange; foreign language acquisition; student retention and student success outcomes.

How it works

Gateway understands that each institution or organization is unique and has its own needs, and that is why Gateway’s services are customized for each of our partner institutions to accommodate differences in institutional culture, size, and scope. The process is straightforward – Gateway can consult on an hourly basis to address a specific need, provide one or more services as outlined above, conduct an audit of your current data systems and research protocols, and/or assist with developing a new approach to data collection and analysis based on industry best practices.

Simply select one or more of Gateway’s services that best meet the needs of your circumstances and/or submit an inquiry outlining your needs and we will propose a tailored package. Whatever your current data, research and analysis capabilities, Gateway will be your expert partner to help build, reframe or enhance your approach.

Our Expertise

Gateway International Group offers experienced international professionals who bring extensive knowledge of international health, safety and security matters within the higher education context. Gateway will assign a team of specialists as needed to meet the goals of your institution. Gateway operates in accordance with established best practices in international health, safety, security and risk management in higher education.

Jesús Rosario

Senior Consultant
Jesús Rosario is a Strategic Partnerships Executive at Coursera. Previously with QS, he supported university leadership globally in understanding the methodology of international rankings and devising data-driven institutional development strategies. He also worked as a consultant supporting universities with pursuing new partnerships, strategic business development, and designing solutions to support online learning, student recruitment and retention, micro-credentialing, and internationalization.

Nico Evers

Senior Consultant
Nico Evers is an international education consultant, trainer, and researcher with three decades of experience in the field of internationalization of education, working in Europe, the US, Africa, and Latin America.

Who we serve

Gateway works with a diverse array of public and private colleges and universities and international education organizations around the world. At institutions of higher education, Gateway works with a variety of departments including those in international education, institutional research/effectiveness, strategic planning and/or academic units. In addition to individual institutions, Gateway also works with multiple institutions at once, including regional/state-level consortiums, community college consortiums and/or institutions who have formed their own peer group. Gateway’s services also extend to working with partners outside of academia such as EdTech companies. We are here to help.

Gateway supports institutions and organization at all stages, from those beginning their foray into engaging with data to those who seek to fine tune their data storytelling capabilities in aid of strategic goals. Our services are customized to our partner’s needs and budgets. Gateway’s products provide institutions with ‘plug and play’ solutions when existing human capital or staffing resources are stretched too thin.

Getting Started

We understand that effective partnerships require close collaboration and mutual respect. We take the time to understand your culture, concerns, and priorities so that we can provide appropriate support that aligns with your research practices. Our process generally includes these steps:
1. Needs Assessment

We will conduct an initial intake and needs assessment to discuss how best Gateway can support your needs.

2. Primary Liaison

Gateway will assign a primary liaison to ensure effective and streamlined communication.

3. Agreement

We will negotiate a detailed services agreement in accordance with an agreed upon scope of services.

4. Initiation

Gateway will seek an introduction and orientation to your current systems, structures, and protocols vis-à-vis the scope of requested services.

5. Reporting

For all contracted services, Gateway will prepare a final written report on services rendered.

6. Monitoring

Depending on the ongoing nature of the assignment, Gateway will conduct periodic review and assessment meetings to discuss provided services and make modifications as needed.

Our Diversity Promise

Gateway International Group recognizes our responsibility to foster an open and welcoming environment for all to thrive personally and professionally in a global society. We are committed to justice, equity, diversity, inclusion and accountability. Diversity enriches our professional community and is a driving force instrumental to our collective success and the fulfillment of Gateway’s mission. We commit to engaging in an ongoing dialogue to thoughtfully respond to the changing realities of our increasingly interconnected world. We will continually strive to work together to address the challenges of the future in a way that removes barriers to success and promotes a culture of inclusivity, compassion and mutual respect.

Our Costs

Gateway understands the financial impact the COVID-19 pandemic is having on institutions and organizations around the world and as such, prioritizes efficiency and affordability in our pricing. Our prices are flexible and tailored, generally determined on project scope and expectations. Gateway is prepared to navigate future uncertainties in higher education and be as flexible as possible in the best interests of our client partnerships.

Let's get started

Gateway stands ready to work with you on providing affordable, cost-effective solutions to meet research, analysis and data strategy needs. So that we can connect you with the appropriate Gateway professional, please complete this brief intake form.

Gateway International Group has made the commitment to allocate 3% of all revenue to support traditionally underrepresented student participation in international learning and engagement. We have designated the Fund for Education Abroad (FEA) as a recipient of funds gathered through Gateway Education Abroad. FEA is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that provides scholarships and ongoing support to students who are underrepresented in U.S. education abroad.

Jesús Rosario


Jesús Rosario is a Strategic Partnerships Executive at Coursera. He works closely on projects aimed at helping promote diversity, equity, and inclusion and support alternative admission pathways for disadvantaged students. His work incorporates pursuing new partnerships, strategic business development, and designing solutions to support universities in online learning, student recruitment and retention, micro-credentialing, and internationalization.

Before his role at Coursera, Jesús served as a Regional Director at QS Quacquarelli Symonds, the QS World University Rankings publisher in London. He supported university leadership globally in understanding the methodology of international rankings and devising data-driven institutional development strategies. He also worked as a consultant supporting universities to increase international student recruitment and improve their branding among academic peers, students, and employers.

Nico Evers


Nico Evers is an international education consultant, trainer, and researcher with three decades of experience in the field of internationalization of education, working in Europe, the US, Africa, and Latin America. Most recently he worked as Director of Higher Education Services at the Council of International Schools, where he led all aspects of Higher Education membership globally and its interface with member schools. Prior to joining CIS he worked for nine years as Director of International Academic Relations and Professor of Global Internships at EARTH University, Costa Rica. He enjoys contributing to the international education field as a researcher, member of NAFSA’s trainer corps, and peer reviewer of The Journal of Studies in International Education (JSIE), Frontiers journal, and QUIP.

Episode 29: Cultural Lens on U.S. Higher Education: Analyzing International Perceptions of 'Anti-Woke’ Discourse

Dive into a nuanced exploration of the global discourse surrounding higher education in the United States. Join us for a panel discussion with esteemed international educators as we embark on a journey through the lenses of culture and international perspective, examining how global audiences interpret and engage with the ‘anti-woke’ discourse within the context of U.S. higher education. This engaging panel discussion will delve into the intersections of culture, ideology, and education, and the complex landscape of how international audiences perceive the ‘anti-woke’ narrative that has emerged within U.S. academia.

Whether you’re a senior international officer, or simply curious about the diverse viewpoints shaping U.S. higher education, this podcast episode will provide an invaluable space for critical analysis and insightful conversations.

Speaker Biography:

Fanta Aw is a distinguished leader in international education, renowned for her extensive contributions to global learning, cross-cultural understanding, and educational equity. With a deep commitment to fostering connections between diverse cultures and promoting educational excellence, she has significantly impacted the international education community.

Fanta Aw’s career has been characterized by her dedication to advancing global education initiatives, promoting diversity and inclusion, and nurturing partnerships that transcend borders. She has held influential roles in various organizations, advocating for the importance of international collaboration and learning experiences that empower individuals to navigate an increasingly interconnected world.

As a thought leader and visionary, Fanta Aw’s insights and expertise have shaped discussions on the future of international education, emphasizing the significance of equitable access, cultural exchange, and lifelong learning. Her work has not only elevated institutions but has also inspired countless individuals to embrace the transformative power of global education.

Date: September 14th, 2023
Time: 12 noon ET

Sponsored by:

Mark Beirn


An experienced global researcher and administrator, Mark Beirn brings a critical approach to risk management, factoring structural racism and identity-based violence into his rubric for supporting equitable global mobility.

Specialization Areas:

– Global Risk Management
– Education Abroad
– Diversity, Equity, Inclusion in International Education
– Health and Safety
– Curriculum Development


Stephen Appiah-Padi​


Stephen Appiah-Padi is an international educator with several years of teaching and administrative experience in both 4 and 2-year HEIs. An experienced global education practitioner-scholar, with a demonstrated history of success in the field.

Dr. Appiah-Padi has a Ph.D. from the University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada in Educational Policy & Administration with a specialization in International/Intercultural Education.

At Northwestern College, he provided oversight in the administration of education abroad and international student services. In Lansing, Michigan, he first oversaw diversity and intercultural education at Lansing Community College, and later created the Center for International and Intercultural Education (CIIE) which merged intercultural engagement and international education programs of the institution, and he became its first director. Additionally, Dr. Appiah-Padi taught a course, “Diversity in the American Workplace”, to undergraduate management students of the College. In his current position, he provides leadership and vision in advancing strategic internationalization initiatives, including international partnerships and study abroad programs at Bucknell University.

Dr Appiah-Padi has created and facilitated several workshops for faculty and staff development in higher education and in business organizations. He has presented at several national and international conferences. In NAFSA, among several volunteer leadership positions, he has served as Dean of the Fundamentals of Intercultural Communication Workshop, the Leadership Development Committee member, Chair of the Africa Special Interest Group, and a Fellow of the Global Fellowship Program for mentoring emerging leaders of internationalization in African HEIs. He currently serves as a member of the NAFSA Board of Directors.

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Rosa Almoguera


Dr. Rosa Almoguera has worked as an international educator for over twenty years. She was trained as a Hispanic Philologist at the Universidad Complutense, in Madrid, and did her M.A. at the University of Pennsylvania. Her Ph.D., from Universidad Complutense included a field study and edition of written balladry “Romancero”. During many years Rosa combined teaching and her role as a senior administrator at the Fundación Ortega-Marañón in Toledo, Spain. At the Foundation, Rosa directed and, in many cases created, programs for the University of Minnesota, Notre Dame, Princeton, Ohio State, Arcadia, and the University of Chicago. She has also been a visiting professor at the University of Minnesota, University of Portland, and Interamericana de Puerto Rico.

Beginning in 2016, Rosa works as an international education consultant for both public and private European and US higher education institutions. Rosa has been successful in developing new partnerships and programs, as well as helping improve already existing ones.

Rosa is a member of Forum and NAFSA and has presented with higher education professionals on innovative academic and research programming, STEM in study abroad and Nationalism in Europe. Rosa is currently completing the final Professional Certification from the Forum on Education Abroad.