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New directions in international duty of care.
Fall 2021

Through its Gateway Leadership Institute, Gateway International Group is committed to preparing the next generation of international education leaders. With a team of experienced and knowledgeable facilitators, the Gateway Leadership Institute offers in-person and virtual training for faculty, scholars, administrators, and other international educators seeking to advance and enhance global learning initiatives at their respective institutions and organizations.

The Gateway Leadership Institute provides a timely and much-needed venue for international education professionals to begin cultivating the next generation of international higher education. Through a combination of webinars, workshops, real-world projects, and coaching, the Institute engages participants in an exploration of key topics such as new directions in international strategy, revenue generation, integrated program design, and educational technology.

Why Participate?

The Institute will begin preparing professional international educators as architects of a new future of international education. Although participants may have professional expertise in specific areas (e.g., education abroad, international student and scholar services, international enrollment management, etc.), or different objectives (e.g., professional development, academic enrichment, career advancement, etc.), the Institute is focused on promoting the development of essential knowledge and skills that transcend any specific professional focus. Participants will develop new knowledge and leadership skills in “next generation” strategic thinking, thinking that is analytical, design oriented, and technological.

The Fall 2021 Institute is focused on international duty of care, with the goal of understanding and addressing its complexity, which has in the past often lead to fragmented and siloed approaches at many institutions. The Institute’s objectives coalesce around the need to support new and strategic thinking to mitigate risk and promote positive experiences for students, faculty, and staff:

In addition, participants will contribute to the authorship of a publication of case studies showcasing the intricacies commonly associated with international duty of care. An editing team, consisting of the Institute facilitators and copy-editor will support the overall production of this complimentary publication. All participants will be noted as contributing authors.

Previous Institutes​

Gateway Case Studies on International Duty of Care

The Fall 2021 Gateway Leadership Institute invites participants into the increasingly relevant and highly contextualized world of international duty of care. Working in small teams, participants will be assigned by theme (Health, Safety Legal, Communications, Risk Management), and will work on realistic duty of care case studies in each of the three modules (see below). Teams will receive an initial briefing from the Institute facilitators, along with a writing template to ensure consistency across the report. Over the course of the Institute, teams will complete five (5) case studies that draw from assigned readings, webinars, workshops, with the support of a copy editor. It is expected that this writing will require 2-4 hours per month outside of the planned Institute curriculum. At the end of the Institute, each team’s written work will be consolidated into a co-edited publication outlining best practices for duty of care across a broad spectrum of higher education institutional types.

Target Participation

The Fall 2021 Gateway Leadership Institute will appeal to those international education professionals and related higher education experts who are interested in developing new knowledge and skills needed to shape the next generation of international higher education. The Fall 2021 Institute will be limited to 25 participants and is designed for early to mid-career professionals with 3-10 years of experience. Participants should be committed to examining existing practices, challenging widely held assumptions, and interrogating the scope and direction of international education. Although duty of care knowledge is not required, participants should be comfortable working in teams and be prepared to engage in a lively, interactive, and fast-paced environment.

Institute Facilitators

Coordinating the Institute are Drs. Rosa Almoguera and George F. Kacenga, each highly regarded scholar-professionals. Also joining the Institute will be industry representatives with extensive experience in supporting the work of international education and a range of guest speakers and workshop facilitators. In totality, the Institute presents participants with opportunities to engage directly with some of our profession’s most respected, influential and transformative leaders.

Dr. Rosa Almoguera

Dr. Rosa Almoguera is an affiliate of Gateway International Group with thirty years of experience in international education. Based in Spain, she has considerable experience developing international partnerships and programs for public and private institutions throughout Europe and the United States.

Dr. George F. Kacenga

Dr. George F. Kacenga is an affiliate of Gateway International Group and current Executive Director of Undergraduate Admissions and SIO at Purdue University Northwest. He is an award-winning scholar-practitioner with a successful career in international higher education and enrollment management that spans two decades.

Participating Organizations

Gateway is partnering with leading organizations that are shaping the future of international duty of care and risk management. Representatives from these organizations will serve as webinar panelists, contribute to the delivery of workshop, and assist with developing each module’s case study. In the workshop, participants will be able to get clarity on their case in progress and otherwise engage with these industry leaders. These partner organizations are on the cutting edge in their respective areas and well-positioned to support your professional engagement and development.

For almost 20 years, Terra Dotta has delivered robust international education solutions to help institutions of all sizes prioritize the student experience, and create the next generation of global leaders. Its innovative platform supports all aspects of international student mobility and risk management.

Aerogami is a leading provider of risk management technology purpose-built for international education. Aerogami provides an innovative platform that any international office can use to prepare, communicate, and locate their travelers. Aerogami utilizes the messaging tools already popular with travelers, like WhatsApp and enables administrators to take action during an emergency.
GeoBlue sets the standard for complete, reliable, convenient protection of health and safety in the global community. providing peace of mind to world travelers and expats living a global lifestyle. GeoBlue provides access to an elite network of providers, innovative mobile and online tools, the convenience of telemedicine tools and exceptional customer service. 
International SOS helps businesses operate globally by helping protect their employees to meet their Duty of Care. Through the provision of health and security services, they prepare employees for layered threat environments, helping them to feel supported and productive, and provide them with assistance whenever they have a question, concern or crisis. Anytime, anywhere.
Gallagher provides insurance, risk management, and consulting services to businesses, communities, and people across the globe. They work with our other brands and outside industry partners to provide the most client-centric, expertise-driven solutions in over 150 countries.

Institute Format

The Fall 2021 Gateway Leadership Institute will be structured around three distinct modules, each including, 1.) a public webinar featuring major companies and firms in the area of international education, 2.) a private workshop featuring an industry leader, facilitated by Drs. Rosa Almoguera and George F. Kacenga, and 3.) team writing sessions with a copy editor. The Institute will begin with an opening orientation and introductory meeting and will conclude with each team presenting a summary of their work. Participants will be encouraged to engage in a private LinkedIn group to network, discuss readings on educational leadership, share resources, and present ideas.
The opening session will include an introduction to the structure and goals of the Fall 2021 Institute and begin the teambuilding process. Details regarding the publication to be co-authored will be presented and teams will be formed. Participants will establish goals and a plan for the publication. This session will also include a review of expectations and deliverables.
In this first module, participants will be introduced to the concepts inherent to the duty of care requisite for institutions engaged internationally. During the webinar, industry leaders will examine how the mobility of students, faculty and staff is an important aspect of that engagement, emphasizing the role of duty of care. In the workshop, participants will explore how the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the crucial need for well-developed institutional plans to mitigate risk, manage crises abroad and support travelers’ health, safety and security.
Upon completion of this module, participants will have reviewed essential concepts of institutional duty of care, its application towards global engagement and the components of a well-developed institutional plan to mitigate risk and manage crisis response. Case study submission due October 17, 2021.
In this module, participants will consider real world legal implications of an absent or limited duty of care strategy. Many higher education institutions do not have adequate staffing necessary to monitor these complicated issues, which can lead to fragmented and siloed approaches to managing the institution’s duty of care. In this module’s webinar, participants will be guided by industry leaders through an exploration of the legal roles played by key offices typically involved in managing risk and responding to crises (e.g., Risk Management, Police Department, Legal Counsel, Student Affairs, etc.). The workshop addresses the real implications for the travelers themselves, the gaps in planning and preparation that can expose institutions to legal liability, financial losses, and significant reputational risk.
Upon completion of this module, participants will understand how the well-being of the campus community can quickly be compromised. Limited access to professional expertise on duty of care and the nuances of international programming or with navigating cultural norms, can result in complicated and avoidable legal entanglements. Case study submission due November 14, 2021.
The third and final module offers a comprehensive review of duty of care as a risk management strategy. Through engagement with industry leaders, participants will gain an understanding of best practices in international health, safety, security and risk management issues. During the webinar, a panel of professionals and academic leaders will address how to audit existing systems, troubleshoot areas of potential duty of care liability, and how to frame new risk management structures. During the workshop, participants will be trained to articulate and secure buy-in for those systems and structures across the institutional enterprise.
Upon completion of this module, participants will be able to demonstrate the need for and skills to develop an international duty of care risk management strategy. Participants will be able to make the case for how the international education space is complex, made only more challenging by the pandemic, the panoply of country-specific regulations, and the array of health, safety, and risk concerns abroad. Case study submission due December 4, 2021.
Teams will present a reflection on their case studies and writing process to the entire cohort. Additionally, each team will develop up to five (5) industry tips for international duty of care, which will form a distinct section in the final report. Presentations will be divided by institutional type. Facilitators, representatives of partner and sponsoring organizations, and others will be invited to provide feedback and additional input. A discussion between participants and stakeholders will follow. This will be a unique opportunity for participants to articulate the need for duty of care within and beyond their immediate institutional context, an opportunity to publish, and to provide solutions to real-word challenges in international higher education.

Certification of Completion

On completion of the Gateway Leadership Institute, participants will receive an electronic certificate of completion through VerifyEd, which can be stored, shared and verified instantly anywhere in the world.
VerifyEd works with educational and awarding institutions to replace paper certificates with digital versions that are 80% cheaper to issue and cannot be forged or changed, thanks to blockchain. The certificates can be shared and verified instantly, anywhere in the world.


To enable diverse representation of early and mid-career international educators to participate in this professional development opportunity, Gateway is leveraging industry sponsorships to offer the Institute at minimal cost to participants. As such, participants are asked to pay a one-time, non-refundable participation fee of $250USD, which includes access to all webinars, workshops, editing, etc. With anticipated high demand, participants must submit an application for participation. Participants will only be billed if admitted into the Institute. Select participants may be invited to serve as mentors to future Institute cohorts.

Past participants of previous Gateway Leadership Institutes and currently enrolled graduate students in international education-focused programs may register for $150.

Representatives of institutions and organizations that participate in Gateway Prepared may register for the Institute at a discounted rate of $150 per person.


Those interested may submit an online application at,
Applications are due no later than 5:00pm ET, Friday, August 27, 2021. Decisions will be made within one week of the application deadline. Applications must include:

Our Fall 2021 Sponsors

With sincere gratitude to the generous sponsorship of the following organizations and our strategic partners, Gateway is able to offer the Gateway Leadership Institute at a reduced cost. These inspiring organizations are truly committed to preparing the next generation of international education leaders.
Verify Ed works with universities, professional bodies and organisations to digitise certificates and assure the value of these achievements around the world using blockchain technology to ensure every certificate issued through VerifyEd is completely immutable. As a result, anyone can share their personal portfolio of educational achievements across the globe simply and securely.

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Rosa Almoguera


Dr. Rosa Almoguera has worked as an international educator for over twenty years. She was trained as a Hispanic Philologist at the Universidad Complutense, in Madrid, and did her M.A. at the University of Pennsylvania. Her Ph.D., from Universidad Complutense included a field study and edition of written balladry “Romancero”. During many years Rosa combined teaching and her role as a senior administrator at the Fundación Ortega-Marañón in Toledo, Spain. At the Foundation, Rosa directed and, in many cases created, programs for the University of Minnesota, Notre Dame, Princeton, Ohio State, Arcadia, and the University of Chicago. She has also been a visiting professor at the University of Minnesota, University of Portland, and Interamericana de Puerto Rico.

Beginning in 2016, Rosa works as an international education consultant for both public and private European and US higher education institutions. Rosa has been successful in developing new partnerships and programs, as well as helping improve already existing ones.

Rosa is a member of Forum and NAFSA and has presented with higher education professionals on innovative academic and research programming, STEM in study abroad and Nationalism in Europe. Rosa is currently completing the final Professional Certification from the Forum on Education Abroad.

Specialization Areas:

– Student services
– Education abroad programming
– Institutional partnerships
– Education and training

George F. Kacenga


George F. Kacenga, PhD, has been a champion for the value of international education approaching 20 years, investing much of his professional career in international admissions and enrollment management. Following successful tenures with Saint Vincent College, the University of Pittsburgh, and the University of Colorado Denver, George joined Purdue University Northwest (PNW) as the inaugural Executive Director of Global Engagement to lead strategic efforts to extend global programs and initiatives. Organizational changes resulting from the pandemic incorporated the international portfolio into the division of Enrollment Management and Student Affairs, where Kacenga is now the SIO and Executive Director of Undergraduate Admissions. He is the serving past-president of the American International Recruitment Council (AIRC). He also serves on The Association for International Credential Evaluation Professionals (TAICEP) committee for Organizational Advancement and on the campaign steering committee for the Fund for Education Abroad (FEA). Kacenga is an active member of NACAC, AACRAO, NAFSA, AIEA, and the American Council on Education (ACE) – through which he is currently leading the university’s two-year ‘Internationalization Laboratory’ exercise. 

Kacenga’s career has garnered national and international recognition. He serves as an international education consultant, has been an invited speaker and presenter nationally and internationally on themes related to the analysis of foreign academic credentials, international enrollment management, best practice engaging international recruitment agents, and global partnerships and engagement. His articles can be found in various publications, including NAFSA’s International Educator and IIE’s Networker magazine. He is a co-creator of the international education focused return on investment (ROI) resource, Kacenga continues to work on projects that elevate the professionalism of the field-at-large. 

Dr. Kacenga is an award winning scholar and administrator, having received the Sepmeyer Research Grant, Marjorie Peace Lenn Research Award, and Fulbright Korea Administrator Award. Kacenga received his PhD in social and comparative analysis in education from the University of Pittsburgh.

Specialization Areas:

– Enrollment management
– International recruitment and foreign credential evaluation.
– Revenue generating international partnerships
– Budget management

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Mark Beirn


An experienced global researcher and administrator, Mark Beirn brings a critical approach to risk management, factoring structural racism and identity-based violence into his rubric for supporting equitable global mobility.

Specialization Areas:

– Global Risk Management
– Education Abroad
– Diversity, Equity, Inclusion in International Education
– Health and Safety
– Curriculum Development


Stephen Appiah-Padi​


Stephen Appiah-Padi is an international educator with several years of teaching and administrative experience in both 4 and 2-year HEIs. An experienced global education practitioner-scholar, with a demonstrated history of success in the field.

Dr. Appiah-Padi has a Ph.D. from the University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada in Educational Policy & Administration with a specialization in International/Intercultural Education.

At Northwestern College, he provided oversight in the administration of education abroad and international student services. In Lansing, Michigan, he first oversaw diversity and intercultural education at Lansing Community College, and later created the Center for International and Intercultural Education (CIIE) which merged intercultural engagement and international education programs of the institution, and he became its first director. Additionally, Dr. Appiah-Padi taught a course, “Diversity in the American Workplace”, to undergraduate management students of the College. In his current position, he provides leadership and vision in advancing strategic internationalization initiatives, including international partnerships and study abroad programs at Bucknell University.

Dr Appiah-Padi has created and facilitated several workshops for faculty and staff development in higher education and in business organizations. He has presented at several national and international conferences. In NAFSA, among several volunteer leadership positions, he has served as Dean of the Fundamentals of Intercultural Communication Workshop, the Leadership Development Committee member, Chair of the Africa Special Interest Group, and a Fellow of the Global Fellowship Program for mentoring emerging leaders of internationalization in African HEIs. He currently serves as a member of the NAFSA Board of Directors.

Specialization Areas:

– Education Abroad
– International education leadership development
– Intercultural education and engagement
– International partnerships and linkages