Charting the Future of International Education

Fall 2020

With a team of experienced and knowledgeable facilitators, the Gateway Leadership Institute offers in-person and virtual training for faculty, scholars, administrators, and other international educators seeking to advance and enhance global learning initiatives at their respective institutions and organizations.


Launching Fall 2020, the inaugural Gateway Leadership Institute will provide a timely and much-needed venue for international education professionals to begin cultivating the next generation of international higher education. Through a combination of webinars, workshops, and coaching, the Institute will engage participants in an exploration of key topics such as new directions in international strategy, revenue generation, integrated program design, and educational technology.

Why Participate?

The Institute will begin preparing professional international educators as architects of a new future of international education. Although participants may have professional expertise in specific areas, the Institute is focused on promoting the development of essential knowledge and skills that transcend any specific professional focus.

The Fall 2020 Institute has three objectives, all of which coalesce around the need to support forward-looking thinking and action in shaping a new generation of international higher education: