2022 International
Enrollment Management Survey

Over 50 of the most prominent international enrollment management organizations you should know about.

Successful international enrollment management (IEM) professionals leverage a wide array of partnerships in order to achieve enrollment goals, gather market intelligence, and effectively engage with prospective students throughout the enrollment management cycle. As with other aspects of international higher education, the COVID-19 pandemic significantly impacted IEM, especially with regard to international student recruitment processes and effectiveness. Technological innovations and the introduction of new educational modalities have already begun to fundamentally change the IEM landscape.

It is common now for IEM professionals to work closely with an array of professional associations, pathway providers, commission-based agents, agent aggregators, lead generation platforms, advertising agencies, government agencies, sponsoring organizations, and others. Through such partnerships, IEM professionals are able to boost enrollments and gather essential knowledge and experience to more effectively navigate the international student recruitment landscape.

In June 2020, Gateway International Group conducted an industry-wide survey of IEM professionals with the goal of identifying some of the most prominent leaders in the IEM space today, with a predominant focus on the U.S. higher education marketplace. This compilation illustrates the results of that survey, suggesting that there are at least nine broad categories of potential partners essential to successful international enrollment management today, with each playing a distinctive and complementary role.

What is International Enrollment Management (IEM)?

International Enrollment Management is an institutional response and organizational approach with addressing the challenges and opportunities that an institution faces while recruiting and retaining international students. Effective IEM is data-informed and includes international prospect and lead generation, an efficient application process, timely and relevant communication, and a variety of yield strategies to generate an ideal pool of accepted students that will form the matriculated student body. Throughout the process, IEM professionals work to achieve specific goals relevant to the targeted enrollment number, geographic diversity, academic profile, scholarship thresholds and tuition discounts, overall return on investment (ROI) metrics, and the ultimate retention of students year-over-year and as engaged alumni. To achieve these outcomes, IEM professionals must selectively partner with a broad spectrum of professional organizations that support international education.


To identify the most prominent IEM organizations today, survey data was collected from approximately 50 senior IEM professionals. Survey respondents included directors of international student recruitment, designated school officials (DSOs), senior international officers, and members of the private sector. Survey findings were only cursory-reviewed for accuracy and broad representation. 

To qualify for inclusion, an organization must have met each of the following criteria:

Please note that this compilation has been developed with fidelity to the survey findings and as such, does not attempt to provide a comprehensive listing of all organizations engaged in international enrollment management. Only the six of the most frequently noted organizations were listed in any given category. Moreover, these findings have not been verified with the noted organizations.

Key Observations

The survey response suggests that the current state of international enrollment management is diverse and the emergence of new and influential organizations is growing rapidly.
Key observations include:

1. There is a significant presence of both not-for-profit professional organizations and private/commercial entities. For-profit status does not appear to influence receptivity within higher education contexts.

2. There are many international student recruitment agents located around the world, with each serving a distinctive market and/or target populations. This compilation includes only a few of the many that were identified in the survey.

3. Though not listed here, there are numerous new organizations emerging that are effectively leveraging peer-to-peer student engagement to enhance student recruitment and enrollment yield efforts, including Campus Community, UniBuddy, and Vioo.

4. Proven return-on-investment appears to have impacted the survey responses which helps to identify the most prominent and arguably the most successful IEM organizations.

A Categorization of International Enrollment Management Organizations

It is important to note that some organizations work in several areas and thus appear in several categories.
An IEM Association may be understood as a membership organization that influences international enrollment management by developing and providing guidance and practitioner-oriented resources for IEM professionals.
A Pathway Provider may be understood as an organization that provides academic and social services, such as delivering courses and programs that prepare international students for entry into university programs, including English language and college preparatory courses, for the purpose of increasing international student enrollment.
A Commission-Based Agent/Agency may be understood as an individual or a company that recruits, advises, and places international students at specific universities and colleges abroad in exchange for per-student/group commission or some alternative form of quid-pro-quo payment.

An Agent Aggregator operates as a single, unified organization that sub-contracts with multiple commission-based agents or agencies. The aggregator contracts with, trains, monitors, and pays agents.

A Lead Generation Platform can be defined as an enrollment portal, such as a website or online database that collects information provided voluntarily from prospective students and made available through various means to educational institutions for recruitment purposes.
A Digital Marketing Provider can be defined as an organization that advertises, markets, or otherwise helps to promote institutions to prospective international students. This may be done through paid advertisements, retargeting campaigns, social media communication, etc.
With respect to IEM, a Government Agency may be understood as a designated federal agency or NGO that promotes international education at a national level by providing or facilitating resources and services for international students, education professionals, institutions, non-profit organizations, etc.
A Sponsoring Agency may be understood as a governmental body or private entity that provides full or partial scholarships to students to study outside of their home country.
A Consulting Agency can be defined as an individual or company that provides IEM professionals with support and assistance, often focused on strategy setting, market analysis research, staff training, etc. A Recruitment Agency assists institutions with direct student recruitment through event planning, fair management, in-country staffing, etc.
The survey results suggest that there are at least nine broad categories of potential partners essential to successful international enrollment management today, with each playing a distinctive and complementary role. While this typology may be useful, it is meant only to be illustrative of the diversity of organizations operating in this increasingly dynamic space

International Enrollment Management Organizations

This compilation serves only to provide an at-a-glance compilation of the more prominent international enrollment management organizations as identified by international education professionals. The compilation does not reflect an endorsement by Gateway International Group or recommendation of these organizations. Each category is limited to the six most frequent responses. Some organizations may ultimately operate across several categories but were listed only once and in their most prominent category.

International Enrollment Management Organizations to Watch

If you’d like to learn more about these innovative organizations, please let us know.
Discounts may be available to those that mention Gateway International Group.


If you’d like to learn more about these innovative organizations, please let us know. Discounts may be available to those that mention Gateway International Group.

Jiyi Choi

Jiyi Choi is an intern for Gateway International Group, working specifically on Gateway Leadership Institute. She is an M.A. Candidate of International Education from The George Washington University in Washington, DC.

Anthony C. Ogden

Dr. Anthony C. Ogden is the founder and managing partner of Gateway International Group and is a well- respected educator with 30 years of experience in international higher education. He has held senior leadership positions at four major research institutions and has produced numerous publications focused on international higher education.

Grace Glancy


Grace Glancy is currently a Master’s candidate in international education at George Washington University, with a specialization in higher education administration. Grace recently accepted a position at ISEP in Arlington, VA as a Student Services Officer, advising college students who plan to study abroad in Northern and Central Europe. Grace’s current research interests include education abroad program management/design, global citizenship, and intercultural competency development.

Anthony C. Ogden

Founder & Managing Director

Anthony C. Ogden earned a bachelor’s degree from Berea College and then later studied at the SIT Graduate Institute where he earned a master’s degree in International and Intercultural Management (MIIM), with a specialization in international education. Dr. Ogden completed a doctorate at Pennsylvania State University in Educational Theory and Policy with a dual title in Comparative and International Education.

Dr. Ogden has held educational leadership positions at Pennsylvania State University, where he provided oversight in the administration of education abroad programming and worked in close cooperation with all 24 Penn State campuses located throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Back in his home state, he served as the executive director of Education Abroad and Exchanges at the University of Kentucky, where he Ied dramatic growth in enrollment and co-founded the Kentucky Council on Education Abroad (KCEA). At Michigan State University, he directed one of the largest education abroad offices in the country and provided oversight of diverse programming to support the nearly 3,000 MSU students that earn credit abroad each year.

Most recently, Dr. Ogden served as the senior international officer at the University of Wyoming where he provided leadership and vision in advancing comprehensive internationalization initiatives, directly overseeing the work of the offices of International Students and Scholars (including international student recruitment) and Education Abroad, the Center for Global Studies, and the UW English Language Center.

As an educator, scholar and three-time Fulbright recipient, Dr. Ogden has numerous publications to his credit, including co-edited books focused on the emerging issue of scholar-practitioners in international higher education (Symposium Books, 2016), the integration of education abroad into the undergraduate curriculum (Stylus, 2019), and a comprehensive compendium on international education research (Routledge, 2020). He serves as an external reviewer for numerous journals, including the Journal of Studies in International Education and the Journal of International Students, and holds faculty appointments at the Middlebury Institute for International Studies in Monterey and the American College of Education.

Dr. Ogden has been an active member of NAFSA: Association of International Educators since 1996, through which he has given numerous presentations, workshops and webinars on various aspects of international education. He is also involved with the Association of International Education Administrators (AIEA), the European Association of International Education (EAIE), and The Forum on Education Abroad. He has served on numerous international boards focused on higher education and was a founding member of the Fund for Education Abroad.

A noted international education expert by the U.S. Department of State, Dr. Ogden has conducted formal program evaluations in 25 countries across Asia, Africa, Latin America, and Europe. He regularly offers invited seminars around the world on topics related to international higher education, most recently with Slovenia’s national agency for advancing international student and scholar mobility (CMEPIUS) and Thailand’s Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research, and Innovation (MHESI).

Dr. Ogden has lived in Japan, Australia and Cameroon and has professional experience in over 80 countries. He is married to his lifelong partner, whom he met in Japan many years ago. A member of Rotary International, he enjoys traveling, reading, and community engagement.

Education Abroad (Internationalization in Higher Education Series): Ogden, Anthony C.
Education Abroad and the Undergraduate Experience: Critical Perspectives and Approaches to Integration with Student Learning and Development: Brewer, Elizabeth, Ogden, Anthony C., Whalen, Brian
International Higher Education’s Scholar-Practitioners: bridging research and practice: Bernhard Streitwieser, Anthony C. Ogden, Bernhard Streitwieser, Anthony C. Ogden

Mark Beirn


An experienced global researcher and administrator, Mark Beirn brings a critical approach to risk management, factoring structural racism and identity-based violence into his rubric for supporting equitable global mobility.

Specialization Areas:

– Global Risk Management
– Education Abroad
– Diversity, Equity, Inclusion in International Education
– Health and Safety
– Curriculum Development


Stephen Appiah-Padi​


Stephen Appiah-Padi is an international educator with several years of teaching and administrative experience in both 4 and 2-year HEIs. An experienced global education practitioner-scholar, with a demonstrated history of success in the field.

Dr. Appiah-Padi has a Ph.D. from the University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada in Educational Policy & Administration with a specialization in International/Intercultural Education.

At Northwestern College, he provided oversight in the administration of education abroad and international student services. In Lansing, Michigan, he first oversaw diversity and intercultural education at Lansing Community College, and later created the Center for International and Intercultural Education (CIIE) which merged intercultural engagement and international education programs of the institution, and he became its first director. Additionally, Dr. Appiah-Padi taught a course, “Diversity in the American Workplace”, to undergraduate management students of the College. In his current position, he provides leadership and vision in advancing strategic internationalization initiatives, including international partnerships and study abroad programs at Bucknell University.

Dr Appiah-Padi has created and facilitated several workshops for faculty and staff development in higher education and in business organizations. He has presented at several national and international conferences. In NAFSA, among several volunteer leadership positions, he has served as Dean of the Fundamentals of Intercultural Communication Workshop, the Leadership Development Committee member, Chair of the Africa Special Interest Group, and a Fellow of the Global Fellowship Program for mentoring emerging leaders of internationalization in African HEIs. He currently serves as a member of the NAFSA Board of Directors.

Specialization Areas:

– Education Abroad
– International education leadership development
– Intercultural education and engagement
– International partnerships and linkages

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Rosa Almoguera


Dr. Rosa Almoguera has worked as an international educator for over twenty years. She was trained as a Hispanic Philologist at the Universidad Complutense, in Madrid, and did her M.A. at the University of Pennsylvania. Her Ph.D., from Universidad Complutense included a field study and edition of written balladry “Romancero”. During many years Rosa combined teaching and her role as a senior administrator at the Fundación Ortega-Marañón in Toledo, Spain. At the Foundation, Rosa directed and, in many cases created, programs for the University of Minnesota, Notre Dame, Princeton, Ohio State, Arcadia, and the University of Chicago. She has also been a visiting professor at the University of Minnesota, University of Portland, and Interamericana de Puerto Rico.

Beginning in 2016, Rosa works as an international education consultant for both public and private European and US higher education institutions. Rosa has been successful in developing new partnerships and programs, as well as helping improve already existing ones.

Rosa is a member of Forum and NAFSA and has presented with higher education professionals on innovative academic and research programming, STEM in study abroad and Nationalism in Europe. Rosa is currently completing the final Professional Certification from the Forum on Education Abroad.

Specialization Areas:

– Student services
– Education abroad programming
– Institutional partnerships
– Education and training