EdTech for
International Education

Over 40 EdTech companies international educators should know about.
EdTech companies have supported higher education operations for years and yet, modern smart technology introduced by Industry 4.0 is transforming all facets of higher education, including international operations and programming. Savvy international educators recognize that new directions in EdTech have the potential to revolutionize the next generation of international education. This compilation includes those innovative EdTech companies that have already begun to shape a new era of international learning and engagement, with a particular emphasis on those platforms of particular relevance to U.S. operations and programming.

What is EdTech for international education?

Education Technology (“EdTech”) broadly refers to the technological tools and media that assist in the communication, development, or exchange of knowledge. Examples of EdTech include data and content management systems, social and interactive digital learning environments, and other platforms that facilitate learning and performance.


To identify those EdTech companies that support international education operations and programming, a select group of notable international education leaders and EdTech professionals from across the United States were surveyed. To qualify for inclusion, a company, or its platform, must meet each of the following criteria:
Please note that this compilation has been developed with fidelity to these survey findings and as such, may not include all EdTech companies supporting international learning and engagement. Similarly, some EdTech companies, or their respective platforms, may be engaged in other knowledge communities or supporting key functions not noted here.

Key Findings

These findings suggest that the current state of EdTech for international higher education is marked by several trends:
Many of the international education EdTech platforms identified were unknown to the majority of those international educators surveyed. Only one platform noted here, Canvas by Instructure, was known by all respondent and only four were known by at least 80% of respondents.
Almost half of the EdTech companies noted here are active in the areas of international admissions and enrollment management. EdTech is also commonly utilized to innovate teaching and learning activities, as demonstrated by the considerable expansion in online language learning platforms in recent years.
There are few EdTech solutions to support international partner management despite the growing importance of international collaboration. There also are few platforms available to manage health, safety, security and risk management issues vis-à-vis the increased attention given to these areas. The latter areas may be particularly ripe for expansion as international education partners continue to explore data privacy implications of General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR) and continue to reflect on lessons learned during the COVID-19 pandemic.

International Education Knowledge Communities

International higher education has numerous professional focus areas. As such, this compilation was structured around the five knowledge community classifications employed by NAFSA: Association of International Educators.

International Education
Key Functions

The eight key functions included here address common activities and responsibilities that span all aspects of international programming and operations.  For example, both education abroad and international student recruitment rely on enrollment management technologies.

Companies to Watch in 2021

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A relative newcomer to international higher education, Podium Education is partnering with U.S. colleges and universities to offer innovative Global Tech Programs. These programs produce global-ready graduates who are equipped for a multicultural work environment with in-demand tech skills and intercultural competency. Their quick launch, turn-key programs are re-imagining international education.

Although not yet technically an EdTech company (and thus, not listed here), IntelePeer is quickly adapting its award-winning technology to deliver an omnichannel communications platform with the potential to transform international student recruitment, enrollment management and alumni engagement.