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Gateway is your institutional partner for staffing and capacity-building in times of transition.

At Gateway, we know that higher education is constantly changing and adapting. In recent years there have been major changes in higher education brought about by significant shifts in the global economy, geopolitics, demographics, and public health that have impacted enrollment and operational viability. These challenges have led some institutions to reduce staffing, consolidate job responsibilities, reorganize offices, and in some unfortunate cases, even eliminate their education abroad offices altogether. Yet, contemporary students expect to be globally engaged and no college or university in the United States wants to leave their students without international opportunities so important for learning and career readiness. This is where Gateway comes in—we can provide affordable and tailored support to maintain education abroad operations and ensure continuity of services during times of transition.  We can also help build capacity by working with institutions to develop new education abroad offices or to reorganize existing offices to meet evolving demands.

Leverage Gateway’s Virtual Education Abroad Office for next generation student success

In this new era of higher education, Gateway recognizes that many colleges and universities are facing significant structural and financial challenges that make it difficult to maintain the range and quality of education abroad operations and services. Through Gateway’s Virtual Education Abroad Office, institutions can continue education abroad operations without maintaining costly staffing and physical infrastructure requirements. Our partnership services enable the continuation of the level of programming and services that students and their families have come to expect at a reduced cost to the institution. Whether for the short- or long-term, Gateway’s Virtual Education Abroad Office is an affordable and efficient way for institutions to provide seamless continuity of education abroad operations and services.

Our Services

Gateway’s Virtual Education Abroad Office provides services that span the full spectrum of a typical education abroad office’s core functions, focused primarily on 1.) student advising and support services, 2.) program support and portfolio management, and 3.) operational management and administration. Our services are fully online and tailored specifically to the needs of our partner institutions.

Student Advising and Support Services
Program Support and Portfolio Management
Operations and Administration

Gateway will assign a team of experienced and knowledgeable education abroad professionals who will serve as an extension of your institution. As with in-person advising, they will assist students as needed with identifying goals (i.e., personal, academic, and professional), considering program options, and choosing the best fit within your approved education abroad program portfolio (e.g., partner universities, providers, faculty-directed programs, etc.). Our team will also work with students on issues such as credit transfer, financial aid and scholarship applications, and provide ongoing orientation programming. Students will experience personal attention and timely follow-up that is in line with expectations for on-campus services. As Gateway will provide these services as an extension of your institution, our team will be trained on your systems, structures and protocols.
Gateway will also embed an advising tool on the institution’s existing education abroad website that will appear initially as a popup “Questions?” chat window. The interface will be populated with pre-loaded answers and guidance. Your students can additionally request to speak in real time via this interface with an advisor during regular business hours and in such cases, will be seamlessly routed to a member of the Gateway team representing your institution for real time advising and support. If needed, students may also schedule an appointment for virtual advising and guidance.

Gateway will maintain your existing education abroad program portfolio and support program review and approval processes. Specifically, Gateway will provide comprehensive services in support of the successful development and implementation of faculty-directed programming (also referred to as faculty-led). Services will be based on an integrated program framework, including 1.) goal setting, 2.) program design, 3.) implementation, and 4.) evaluation. As Gateway provides these services as an extension of your institution, our team will operate within your established program protocols. Gateway may offer recommendations for refining and expanding your program portfolio to better serve your student’s needs and support institutional goals.

Gateway will provide support with daily operational management and core administrative functions, to include, as needed, assistance with campus relations, marketing and outreach, and day-to-day financial operations. Gateway can also assist with ongoing assessment efforts, including data collection and reporting. Of particular importance, Gateway will ensure that all programming and practices are aligned with your institution’s protocols for health, safety, security and risk management. As Gateway’s services are fully online, we will not have access to any physical infrastructures on campus.  As your education abroad office develops and evolves, we can assist you in identifying the most effective staffing structure for the future.

How It Works

We understand that each institution is unique and has its own needs, especially during times of transition. That’s why Gateway’s Virtual Education Abroad Office is customized for each of our partner institutions to accommodate differences in institutional culture, size, and scope. The process is straightforward and no infrastructure investment is required. Simply select among Gateway’s three service plans that best meet the needs of your students and institutional circumstances and we will propose a tailored packaged. And whatever your institutional profile, we will become experts on your policies, procedures, and systems so that your students experience the service they have come to expect from your institution.

Plan A: Full Services

Gateway will provide services that span the full spectrum of the education abroad office’s core functions, including, 1.) student advising and support services, 2.) program support and portfolio management, and 3.) operations and administration. Services are fully online and tailored specifically to the needs of the partner institution. Contracts are typically renewed biennially.

Plan B: Partial Services

Gateway will provide services in one or two distinct areas of the education abroad office’s functions. For example, an institution my decide to use Gateway for student advising and program support but continue to handle operations and administration in house. Services are fully online and tailored specifically to the needs of the partner institution. Contracts are typically renewed annually.

Plan C: Select Services

The partner institution requests discrete services as needed to maintain its education abroad operations and ensure continuity of services during times of transition. Services are fully online and tailored specifically to the needs of the partner institution. This is a great way supplement existing staffing and to reinforce support programming and services. Contracts are typically short-term.

Our Expertise

Gateway International Group offers highly professional and seasoned international educators who bring years of experience in higher education and have extensive knowledge of education abroad programming and practice. Gateway will assign a team of experienced advisors and other operational staff as needed to fit the goals of your institution. Gateway operates in accordance with the Standards of Good Practice of the Forum on Education Abroad.

Daniela Ascarelli

Virtual Education Abroad Office
Ms. Daniela Ascarelli is a higher education leader with over 20 years developing global strategies for universities including creating meaningful mutually beneficial partnerships.

Laurie Black

Virtual Education Abroad Office
Ms. Laurie Black is a seasoned international educator focused on strategic partnerships, innovative program design, effective advising, and increased access and enrollment growth for education abroad programs worldwide.

Carrie Prior Wojenski

Virtual Education Abroad Office
Dr. Carrie Prior Wojenski is an international educator and former SIO with over 15 years’ experience in medium and large, public and private, universities.

Getting Started

We understand that effective partnerships are borne out of close collaboration and mutual respect. We take the time to understand your priorities and concerns so that we can provide the best service possible. Our process generally includes these steps:

We will meet on campus, if needed, or virtually to discuss initial needs and explore options.

Gateway and the partner institution will identify and assign primary liaisons to ensure effective and streamlined communication.
Gateway and the partner institution will negotiate a detailed services agreement.
The partner institution will provide the Gateway team with initial training and orientation of its institutional systems, structures, and protocols.
Upon initiation, Gateway and the partner institution will meet regularly. Gateway will also prepare monthly reports with detailed metrics of services rendered.

Gateway and partner institution will conduct periodic review and assessment meetings to discuss services and make modifications as needed.

Our Diversity Promise

Gateway International Group recognizes our responsibility to foster an open and welcoming environment for all to thrive personally and professionally in a global society. We are committed to justice, equity, diversity, inclusion and accountability. Diversity enriches our professional community and is a driving force instrumental to our collective success and the fulfillment of Gateway’s mission. We commit to engaging in an ongoing dialogue to thoughtfully respond to the changing realities of our increasingly interconnected world. We will continually strive to work together to address the challenges of the future in a way that removes barriers to success and promotes a culture of inclusivity, compassion and mutual respect.

Our Partner Institutions

Gateway works with a diverse array of public and private colleges and universities around the United States, including individual academic units within institutions. Gateway supports institutions in the earliest stages of building an education abroad office and those that just need support to maintain operations during times of transition. Our services are customized to our partner institutions’ needs and budgets. Although Gateway’s Virtual Education Abroad Office is not available to institutions located outside of the United States, we can assist institutions outside of the U.S. with developing support for U.S. education abroad programs at their sites abroad. We are here to help.

Our Costs

Gateway understands the financial impact the COVID-19 pandemic is having on institutions and organizations around the world and as such, prioritizes efficiency and affordability in our pricing. Our prices are flexible and tailored, generally determined on institution size, project scope and expectations. Gateway assesses a one-time startup administrative  fee and costs/contracts are negotiated biannually, or on another mutually agreed upon timelines, based on the extent of services offered by Gateway (e.g., number of advising appointments, overall enrollment volume, etc.). To the extent possible and if requested, Gateway will employ experienced education abroad professionals who have lost their positions in result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Gateway is prepared to navigate future uncertainties in higher education in partnership with our clients and be as flexible as possible in the best interests of collaboration.

The Gateway Pledge

Gateway International Group has made the commitment to allocate 5% of all revenue to support traditionally underrepresented student participation in international learning and engagement. We have designated the Fund for Education Abroad (FEA) as a recipient of funds gathered through Gateway Executive Search. FEA is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that provides scholarships and ongoing support to students who are underrepresented in U.S. education abroad.

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Daniela Ascarelli


Daniela Ascarelli is an experienced higher education professional with strong budgetary experience, strong communication skills and strong people skills. She enjoys working with diverse stakeholders, including faculty, staff, students, donors, and other funding agencies in order to find both opportunities and solutions that will allow institutions to articulate and impliment their global strategy.  She has worked with both undergraduate, graduate and professional programs, including law schools and colleges of medicine

Laurie Black


Laurie’s career in international education spans 25+ years and has focused on university relations and strategic partnerships, advising and enrollment management, program development, and grants administration. She has been active in issues of access and inclusion, working with many minority-serving institutions and organizations that support underrepresented students, and pioneering the Pell Grant matching scholarship for study abroad. Her first professional position in the field was study abroad advisor at the University of Vermont. She then joined SIT Study Abroad as admissions counselor and eventually became the dean for external relations and strategic enrollment management for the undergraduate study abroad and graduate degree programs of the School for International Training.

Laurie then moved to CET Academic Programs where she was asked to start a new division for education abroad at the high school level. She developed a portfolio of pre-college and gap year programs in ten countries; established a startup marketing, advising, and enrollment strategy; and negotiated a school of record agreement for college credit.

Laurie has served on the Forum on Education Abroad Council, represented Vermont on the NAFSA regional team, and presented on numerous topics at national conferences. She earned her BA in sociology/rhetoric and communications at the University of Virginia, including study abroad in London, and her MA in international education at SIT Graduate Institute. Laurie lived in New Zealand for two years and has extensive professional experience in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, Europe, the Middle East, and the South Pacific.

Carrie Wojenski


Dr. Carrie Prior Wojenski is an experienced international educator and former senior international officer with over 15 years’ experience in medium and large, public and private, higher education environments. Her areas of expertise include internationalization, globally focused academics, distinguished international scholarships, and education abroad, including programs, partnerships, strategic planning, software, and office management. As a practitioner-scholar, she presents and publishes on the topics of internationalization, education abroad, and collaborative online international learning (COIL). Dr. Wojenski holds a B.A. in Anthropology from Wheaton College in Massachusetts, a M.A. in International Education from the SIT Graduate Institute, and an Ed.D. in the Design of Learning Environments from Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey.