Gateway Solutions provides a broad range of consulting services to support institutions and organizations around the world with effectively navigating the next generation of international education.

Elevating Leaders

Gateway Solutions is elevating the next generation of international education leaders through Gateway Executive Search services and professional development and training provided by Gateway Leadership Institute.
Gateway Executive Search provides boutique executive search services to institutions and organizations seeking highly professional and skilled practitioners engaged at all levels of the international education profession. Gateway retains a team of executive search consultants, themselves professional international educators, with extensive networks through which to identify and recruit diverse talent.  Next generation international education leadership starts here.
Gateway Leadership Institute prepares the next generation of international education leaders.  With a team of experienced and knowledgeable facilitators, the Gateway Leadership Institute offers customized in-person and online training for faculty, scholars, administrators, and other international educators seeking to develop and enhance global learning initiatives at their institutions. Gateway provides a complimentary mentorship program aimed at connecting emerging professionals with experienced international education leaders.

Elevating Performance

Gateway Solutions provides strategic assistance to institutions and organizations with elevating key performance metrics and leveraging best practices in international programming, bringing specific expertise in areas related to education abroad programming, international student and scholar services, and international partnerships and linkages.

At Gateway, we understand that education abroad has grown in importance to contemporary students and recognize that providing high-quality, affordable, and accessible programming is of paramount importance to higher education institutions. Gateway has considerable experience providing leadership and support to institutions and can address a broad range of education abroad performance areas. Specific areas of expertise include the following:
Each year, over 5.3 million higher education students from around the world study abroad. In 2019, over 1 million international students studied in the U.S., contributing over $41 billion to the U.S. economy. Gateway recognizes the importance of recruiting the world’s best and brightest students and the diversity they bring to our campuses and communities. Gateway provides expertise in a wide range of performance areas in international student recruitment and retention, including the following:
Gateway provides assistance to higher education institutions by establishing and stewarding international partnerships and linkages that are truly sustainable, synergistic and based on shared and reciprocal interests. Specific areas of expertise include the following.

Elevating Institutions

Gateway Solutions provides strategic assistance to institutions and organizations navigating complex international issues, bringing specific expertise in areas related to operational management, international market research and analysis, and institutional rankings and global standing.
To award academic credit for work completed off campus, most institutions require that students produce an official transcript from an accredited institution. To bridge this gap, non-accredited host organizations generally must enter into a School of Record relationship. Gateway assists with establishing and managing School of Record relationships. We support both educational organizations seeking to establish an SOR relationship and accredited institutions seeking to provide SOR services.
The international education space is complex, made only more challenging by the pandemic, the panoply of country-specific regulations, and the array of health, safety, and risk concerns abroad. Gateway International Group is distinguished by its expertise in international higher education, including its understanding of best practices in international health, safety, security and risk management issues. We understand what is needed, how to audit existing systems, troubleshoot areas of potential duty of care liability, how to frame new risk management structures, and how to secure buy-in for those systems and structures across the institutional enterprise.

Market Research & Analysis

In an era of increasing standardization and accountability, it is strategically important that institutions be able to produce data that reinforce the importance of higher education generally and demonstrate how international education efforts specifically enhance and extend institutional missions, values, and priorities. Gateway assists institutions around the world with accurately gathering and effectively utilizing institutional and external data for long-term strategic planning and advocacy. This often includes benchmarking research, market analysis, preparing policy briefs, etc.

International Rankings