Leadership Institute

Charting the Future of International Education

Educational technology for a new generation.
Spring 2021

Through its Gateway Leadership Institute, Gateway International Group is committed to preparing the next generation of international education leaders. With a team of experienced and knowledgeable facilitators, the Gateway Leadership Institute offers in-person and virtual training for faculty, scholars, administrators, and other international educators seeking to advance and enhance global learning initiatives at their respective institutions and organizations.

The Gateway Leadership Institute provides a timely and much-needed venue for international education professionals to begin cultivating the next generation of international higher education. Through a combination of webinars, workshops, real-world projects, and coaching, the Institute engages participants in an exploration of key topics such as new directions in international strategy, revenue generation, integrated program design, and educational technology.

Why Participate?

The Institute will begin preparing professional international educators as architects of a new future of international education. Although participants may have professional expertise in specific areas (e.g., education abroad, international student and scholar services, international enrollment management, etc.), or different objectives (e.g., professional development, academic enrichment, career advancement, etc.), the Institute is focused on promoting the development of essential knowledge and skills that transcend any specific professional focus. Participants will develop new knowledge and leadership skills in “next generation” strategic thinking, thinking that is analytical, design oriented, and technological. In addition, through team coaching, each participant will receive ongoing support and mentorship over the duration of the Institute. Coaches will be selected among Gateway Affiliates and other international educators, each with significant leadership experience in international higher education.

The Spring 2021 Institute is focused on educational technology with the goal of understanding and leveraging new technologies to support and enhance international educational programming for a new generation of learners. The Spring 2021 Institute’s objectives coalesce around the need to support new and innovative thinking to share next generation programming:

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EdTech Challenge

The Spring 2021 Gateway Leadership Institute invites participants into the fast-paced and innovative world of educational technology. Working in small teams, participants will be assigned to a specific, EdTech company and will work on a realistic EdTech challenge over the course of the Institute. Teams will receive an initial briefing from their respective companies during which they will be presented with a specific challenge to explore. Over the course of the Institute, teams will build upon assigned readings, webinars, workshops and, with the guidance and support of a professional coach, will begin to breakdown the challenge, ideate, make strategic decisions, and ultimately develop a potential solution to the challenge. At the end of the Institute, each team will present their proposals (and written response) to their respective companies within the framework of a business solution pitch.

Target Participation

The Spring 2021 Gateway Leadership Institute will appeal to those international education professionals and related higher education experts who are interested in developing new knowledge and skills needed to shape the next generation of international higher education. The Spring 2021 Institute will be limited to 25 participants and is designed for early to mid-career professionals with 3-10 years of experience. Participants should be committed to examining existing practices, challenging widely held assumptions, and interrogating the scope and direction of international education. Although no advanced EdTech knowledge is required, participants should be comfortable working in teams and be prepared to engage in a lively, interactive, and fast-paced challenge.