Switching to Via Webinar | August 17, 2022

Are you thinking about switching software systems?

Are you dreading when and how to break up with your current software provider?

Do you wish someone would walk you through everything you need to know to prepare for and manage this transition?

Then plan to attend Via’s upcoming webinar:

📅 Wednesday, August 17
⏰ 3:00 p.m. (EDT)

During this one-hour webinar, you’ll hear from these leaders in the EA community on how they successfully transitioned to Via—and how you can too:

AJ LeBlanc, EA Advising Center Coordinator and EA Advisor, UMass Amherst
Carrie Cohan, Senior Account Executive, Via
Todd Heidt, Director, Knox College Eleanor Stellyes Center for Global Studies
You’ll learn what motivated them to switch, how they prepared for and managed the process, and the end result (Spoiler Alert: They’re overjoyed!).

Change doesn’t have to be scary. With Via’s responsive and experienced support team—and a thoughtful project plan—you too can easily transition to Via. Attend this webinar to learn how!

ICEF Berlin | October 30 – November 1, 2022

Our flagship event, ICEF Berlin, is a gathering of thousands of colleagues, peers, partners, and friends from across the global education industry. Now in its 27th edition and considered the pinnacle of the networking calendar, the event has a reputation for a high ROI, and is consistently rated above 98% as ‘good’ or ‘excellent’ by participants.

Showcase of Innovations in Teaching Excellence | August 25, 2022

Join us for the first of the Australian Government Department of Education and Regional Universities Network Latin American webinars on 25 August 2022. First up is the interactive Australia-Peru Showcase: Innovations in Teaching Excellence webinar with colleagues from REDI PERÚ.

Speakers include: Kate Ames, Nadia Rodríguez Rodríguez, Jonathan Medway, Manuel López Ortiz, Barbara Klompenhouwer and Alec Webb.

URMIA’s 53rd Annual Conference: Race for Risk Management | September 10 – 14, 2022

This year’s URMIA – University Risk Management & Insurance Association Annual Conference (September 10-14 in Indianapolis) will include a number of international risk management sessions, including a pre-conference session co-hosted with The Forum on Education Abroad. From topics on insurance to ISO 31030, site visits to a special interest roundtable, don’t miss out on this great opportunity to learn from some of the best in the field.

Bound International – COIL Partner Networking Fair | September 16, 2022

For those with COIL training and experience who seek opportunities to network and connect with other faculty, we invite you to be a part of our Partner Networking Fair! This Fair will take place at the conclusion of our Training Only program and is open to ALL experienced COIL faculty worldwide. Join us to identify new academic partners amongst a group of newly trained faculty.

QS Higher Ed Summit: Asia Pacific 2022 | November 8 – 10, 2022

QS Higher Ed Summit: Asia Pacific 2022 will gather the thought leaders and experts in higher education to examine the “The Next Big Thing: Addressing new opportunities and existing challenges in APAC higher education” from 8-10 November 2022.

The Summit will look at the upcoming trends for the Asia Pacific region, its needs and wants, and where the greatest opportunities lie.

16th IAU General Conference 2022 | October 25 – 28, 2022

The theme – Relevance and Value of Universities to Future Society – is all the more pertinent in the current context as we continue to tackle the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Conference will provide an excellent opportunity to discuss the lessons learnt and advance the role of higher education in achieving a sustainable, fair, healthy, and inclusive society.

Over the course of the Conference, we will look back and reflect on the contributions that universities have made to the society and the changes that have occurred in the higher education sector over time. We will also look towards the future and the way higher education is expected to transform in the years to come.

Global Learning Forum 2022 at Florida International University | November 30, 2022

FIU’s Office of Global Learning Initiatives is your partner in making global learning universal. We connect practitioners and scholars to advance global learning practices around the world.

FIU offers professional development and customized consulting to develop new, or augment existing, global learning offerings. We assist with assessing and setting achievable goals for faculty, instructors and teachers; higher education administrators and staff; K-20 education experts, administrators and staff; and industry and community leaders.

2022 CIEE Annual Conference | November 8 – 10, 2022

We are pleased to announce the 2022 CIEE Annual Conference taking place in Seoul, South Korea November 8-10! Our theme this year is 75 Years of Pathways to Peace. Join us as we celebrate those that have paved the way for international education and cultural exchange in our world.

Each era in history presents us with new challenges to build bridges between different people, different countries, and different cultures. Today’s challenges are extraordinary.

As international exchange professionals and educators, how do we respond to the challenges of this era and plan for future opportunities? How do we ensure study abroad programs remain vibrant, accessible, and impactful? And in this time of changing global dynamics, shifting areas of political conflict, and the new reality of health and safety, how do we design our programs so they contribute to world peace?

Join us at the 2022 CIEE Annual Conference in Seoul as we reflect on the role of international education in public diplomacy, reimagine study abroad within today’s global context, and celebrate 75 Years of Pathways to Peace.

2022 Annual FCIE Conference | October 6 – 7, 2022

The Florida Consortium for International Education exists to promote international and intercultural education in Florida’s institutions of higher education.

The Florida Consortium for International Education was created in 1977 by leaders of several state community colleges and universities. The Consortium was created to assist in developing collaborative study abroad and exchange programs, and offered smaller colleges greater flexibility and more efficient use of limited resources. This made an overseas experience a reality for thousands of Florida students.

During the past decade, FCIE has sponsored several faculty development activities, offered numerous workshops, seminars, and other events with an international focus, and has become a liaison with state and federal agencies to affect positive action for international education within Florida.

IDEAS Workshop – University of Wyoming | October 7, 2022

Thank you for your interest in attending this IDEAS (Increase and Diversify Education Abroad for U.S. Students) workshop. IDEAS workshops are intended for study abroad stakeholders from accredited U.S. higher education institutions, including, but not limited to, study abroad advisors, faculty, and other staff involved with or interested in creating, expanding, and/or diversifying study abroad opportunities for U.S. students at their institution. There is no cost to attend a workshop and partial or full travel grants may be available to help offset the cost of participation for those coming from over a two-hour drive away. If you need financial support, in addition to that provided by your home institution, in the form of travel (mileage or tickets), lodging, and meals, please note this in your registration application form below.

Virtual Gilman and CLS Advisor Workshop for Rural Institutions | August 18, 2022

This virtual workshop will share best practices for leveraging campus resources to successfully recruit and support applicants of national, merit-based scholarships, specifically the Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship Program and the Critical Language Scholarship (CLS) Program.

The intended audience is faculty, staff, and administrators advising students on study abroad at rural institutions and study abroad advisors from all other institutions interested in discussing best practices for supporting students from groups that have been traditionally underrepresented in study abroad. Study abroad advisors of all experience levels, including those new to one or both programs, are encouraged to attend.

Workshop content will include the following:
• Gilman and CLS Program Overviews
• Panels with a Q&A featuring Gilman and CLS Advisors from rural institutions that will share about recruiting and supporting applicants for each program
• Breakout group discussions about challenges and successes in recruiting and supporting applicants for each program

Global Respectful Disruption Summit | April 21, 2023

COMPEAR and GoAbroad.com have formed a partnership to collaboratively highlight the experiences of the underrepresented around the globe, as well as how all of us can respectfully and actively disrupt practices and policies that make room for inequality and discrimination in international education.

The Global Respectful Disruption Summit is a joint effort to bring together like-minded individuals for learning and discussion. This will be real talk. This will be uncensored. This will highlight underrepresented voices.

WISE Conference | February 2 – 4, 2023

WISE is the pioneering conference for faculty leaders, program coordinators, and administrators to develop the knowledge and skills needed to help students advance their intercultural skills and awareness during their abroad experiences and beyond.

PACIE 2022 Annual Conference | September 30 – October 1, 2022

Following an invigorating October 2021 Conference, Global Inclusivity, Justice, and Sustainability – From Pennsylvania, In Pennsylvania, PACIE is hosting its 2022 Conference on the theme of Building Belonging, with special attention to the ways in which global diasporas intersect with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, historically and today.

Networking Event: Educational Meetings Spain-US | September 21 – 22, 2022

The virtual event consists of a one-day online meetings with selected universities, languages centers and educational providers in Spain. Applications available for study abroad professionals from US institutions, including study abroad directors, programs administrators or coordinators/advisors; foreign language department faculty and administrators (Faculty-led programs).

ForumEA Week in Milan: EMEA & CIGL Conferences | October 17 – 21, 2022

The goal of The Forum’s Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) Conference is to create a space for shared dialogue to explore the pressing issues shaping the future of international education in these regions. In expanding the scope of what had previously been our European conference to include the Middle East and Africa, we aim to elevate the voices of colleagues in these regions, provide a platform to discuss their realities, and learn from each other.

Internships and career-integrated global learning are among the fastest growing areas of education abroad, allowing students to access high impact international experiences with immersive engagement in the local community. Ranging from individual placements or industry-based projects to pre-program research or re-entry workshops to MNC site visits or NGO case studies, the opportunities to explore how current education applies to future professions are vast. And the challenges are real.

Barcelona 2022: 32nd Annual EAIE Conference and Exhibition | September 13 – 16, 2022

Our conference theme, ‘The future in full colour’, embraces the ever-expanding spectrum of tools for internationalisation. The theme explores how we, as practitioners, can draw on this diverse pallet to paint a vivid and inclusive picture of our shared future. Through the various session formats exploring this theme, a kaleidoscope of perspectives on approaches to internationalisation will enhance our collective effort to advance our work at an important moment of recovery and renewal.

Via | User Conference 2023 | July 12-14, 2023

During Via’s User Conference, current and prospective clients will come together to exchange ideas, ask questions, and learn more about Via’s software solutions. Just like at NAFSA, we’ll have our Via Lab, where you can experience live demos, learn about user research, and ask even more questions.

Diversity Abroad | Global Inclusion 2022 | October 4 – 7, 2022

For the past decade Global Inclusion, combined with the Strategic Leadership Forum and the Global Student Leadership Summit have comprised the most comprehensive forum for advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion in global education and exchange. Each year hundreds of committed education professionals as well as faculty and student leaders from across the world join us to learn, network, and move this important work forward.

2022 Annual IC3 Conference | August 24 – 25, 2022

The Annual International Career & College Counseling (IC3) Conference brings together higher education representatives for a collaborative dialogue on issues that drive sustainable and inclusive counseling practices focused on student success. Pre- and Post-Conference events for high school delegates and university delegates take place on 23 & 26 August. The IC3 Movement aims to empower high schools with professional development opportunities and ensure that every high school globally will run a robust, well-resourced career and college counseling office.

The PIE Live

October 5-8, 2020 – The PIE Live is a new dynamic, online virtual summit from The PIE News team offering exceptional global networking opportunities and learning experiences. #PIELive

Annual Meeting for the Journal of International Students

August 20, 2020 at 6:30 pm ET (New York). This meeting is open to all editorial team, advisory board, and peer review board members. Authors, readers, and reviewers are invited attend to learn how to get more involved with the journal.

The Future of International Education: Why Agility is Now Integral to Strategic Planning

This year has taught SIOs that simply having well-developed emergency plans may be insufficient. They may not have anticipated events impacting all students simultaneously, nor that they required broad immediate responses. Committee structures and hierarchical administrations traditionally have not always lent themselves to quick decisions and actions. Looking ahead, it behooves us to consider agility in […]