Careers in
Higher Education

Careers in international higher education are professionally and personally rewarding. While many individuals pursue this career path after completing rigorous graduate studies, others have entered the profession from lateral careers related to higher education or international education. Whatever the trajectory, careers in international education require significant knowledge, experience and training. The resources presented here provide a brief overview of the international education profession, mostly in the U.S., for individuals at all stages of their international higher education career path.

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Overview of the Profession

This section provides a general overview of the international higher education profession. Over the past fifty years, international education has evolved into a recognized profession with its own professional associations, competencies, standards, ethics and educational pathways. There are also a number of organizations that have emerged to support the day-to-day operations of international educators.


Although this particular resource is focused on international higher education, there is robust and thriving activity happening within K-12 education not noted here.