Global Perspectives on the Internationalization of Higher Education

Transnational higher education was triggered largely by the marketization of higher education, which itself manifests in such characteristics as academic rankings, institutional branding, and an emphasis on managerialism. Recent advances in technology, and the global COVID-19 pandemic, have also driven a “virtual” internationalization of higher education, with universities expanding their digital footprints overseas, accelerating their distance education offerings, and exploring such innovations as virtual exchange programs.

Global Perspectives on the Internationalization of Higher Education documents contemporary perspectives on the internationalization of higher education and considers its history throughout the years in order to understand potential future directions. Covering key topics such as student recruitment, institutional branding, and student mobility, this premier reference source is ideal for administrators, principals, researchers, academicians, practitioners, scholars, instructors, and students.

Introduction to Quantitative Analysis for International Educators

Makes content more accessible by including examples drawn from international higher education.

Includes chapters on Factor Analysis and Experimental/Quasi-experimental design.

Assists instructors in incorporating the book into their already-existing courses.