University of Houston

Executive Director, Aspire Institute for Global Engagement – Mr. Michael Pelletier

Concordia College

Director of Global Learning and International Enrollment – Dr. Mathew R. Beatty

Kent State University

Director, Center for International and Intercultural Education – Dr. Amanda Johnson-Toala

Utah Asia

Chief Administrative Officer/Dean of the Faculty – Dr. Gregory C. Hill

Centre College

Director, Center for Global Citizenship – Lori Hartman

International Higher Education Research: State of the Field

This white paper evaluates the state of international higher education research. It examines historical landmarks in the field and key challenges, frameworks, and trends in present day and future international higher education research.

Emory University

Associate Dean for the Office of International and Summer Programs – Dr. Garett Heysel

NAFSA’s Guide to International Partnerships: Developing Sustainable Academic Collaborations

Increasing in importance over the past decade, institutional partnerships serve as both an internationalization tool and a function of the global higher education landscape. NAFSA’s Guide to International Partnerships: Developing Sustainable Academic Collaborations delves into the parameters of international partnerships, identifying sound practices for the cultivation of partnerships that foster deep, sustainable connections internationally. Reflecting the perspectives […]